BigID and Wirewheel

Scale DSARs, PIAs, HRAs, DPIAs, and RoPAs for data-powered insights for GDPR and CCPA

How WireWheel and BigID Work Together

BigID and WireWheel integrate to deliver next-generation automation for DSARs (Data Subject Access Rights), Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), High-Risk Assessments (HRAs), Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), and Records of Processing (RoPAs).

Joint customers can find, discover, and identify their personal data on BigID, and fully orchestrate the verification, collection, deletion, review, and delivery of data across hundreds of systems on WireWheel. The combined technology operationalizes privacy through alignment with data governance and security — and makes privacy assessments more accurate, evergreen, and easier to capture and manage.

Technical Benefits

  • Operationalizes privacy management
  • Creates actionable policies around compliance requirements
  • Integrates with multiple compliance regulations and standards
  • Manages a high volume of rights requests and assessments

Business Benefits

  • Expedites time to value
  • Provides real-time visibility into data governance and privacy risks
  • Adapts dynamically to changing regulations