AI Automation for Data Governance

Efficient, consistent, and scalable data governance with ML-driven automation & validation.

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Proactive data quality management across all data sources.

Monitor the consistency, accuracy, completeness, and validity of your data in one place.

  • Increase data trust
  • Define data quality rules in business language
  • Apply consistent data quality for all data sources

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Expedite data stewardship with efficiency and insight.

Scale data stewardship with automated discovery and recommendations for validation instead of manual curation.

  • Establish data definitions for consistent understanding
  • Collaborate with data owners
  • Prioritize data stewardship tasks

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Reduce data risk with policy-driven retention management for all data, everywhere.

Set retention policies and identify what data to delete, when to delete it, and what data to retain. Automate policy management to identify data, apply policies, take action, and audit for compliance.

  • Reduce data risk
  • Comply with data retention regulations
  • Execute retention policies at scale

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Enrich traditional catalogs and any data solution with advanced data intelligence.

Enhance data management solutions with technical, business, and operational metadata for full visibility.

BigID’s scalable, ML-powered discovery and classification add value to any metadata management solution by adding deeper discovery and automating tasks that were once performed by manual operations.

  • Enrich and automate metadata management
  • Expand data coverage
  • Enhance integrated solutions

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Data Governance Essentials: A Guide by EY and BigID

This guide, co-written by EY and BigID, will explore how well-designed data governance programs contribute to business value while protecting sensitive and personal information.

From mitigating risk across an organization to knowing your data — all of it — find out how to gain a competitive advantage and build brand trust with a solid data governance program.

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