BigID for Federal Government

Data Visibility & Control for Security, Compliance, Privacy, and AI Data Management.

Secure Federal Data, Minimize Your Attack Surface, & Achieve Zero Trust

Automatically find, manage, secure, and remediate the data that matters most to the public sector - from CUI data to mission critical data; from ROT data to sensitive documents; from regulated data to controlled data.

Easily align with regulations and security controls including RMF, CMMC, NIST, IL4, CDM, DISA & CISA Directives, the Cybersecurity EO, Zero Trust, and data protection and governance frameworks.

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Manage Federal Data, Wherever it Lives

Understand, monitor, and minimize data risk across documents, databases, apps, and everything in-between: across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments.

Take command of your enterprise data to enable regulatory compliance, remediate risk, achieve zero trust security, and accelerate cloud migrations.

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Tools like BigID are the future.

Organizations should be leveraging these tools to remove the manual processes from data discovery, provide better visibility, and help with prioritization of controls.

Ryan O’Leary, Research Director – IDC The Future of Trust: Battling Data Discovery Confusion

BigID is a cloud friendly, AI powered platform

... that is particularly strong on discovering sensitive data of all types from across the enterprise.

Paul Fisher, Senior Analyst – KuppingerCole Market Compass for Data Governance Platforms

Very Powerful Tool .

With Excellent Value For Executing On Privacy And Security Goals. This product has a lot of usability and value.

Gartner Peer Insights Review

Benefits of BigID for the Federal Sector

Improve Security Posture

Lock down high risk data, reduce risk, and automate controls and enforcement around sensitive data

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Reduce Insider Risk

Map, monitor, and mitigate internal and external access based on data sensitivity and role

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Accelerate Cloud Migrations

Migrate the right data, with the right controls, to the right place - in the right way

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Drive GenAI Adoption

Manage what data is shared by whom; audit and enforce policies on data usage for AI

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Achieve Regulatory Compliance

for privacy regulations and security frameworks (GDPR, CCPA, NIST, HITRUST, Cross border transfers, SEC reqs, and more)

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Automate Privacy Operations

Take a data-driven approach to privacy-by-design and automatically fulfill privacy compliance requirements

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Validate Data

Make better decisions and understand your data for faster disposition in M&A, regulatory audits, and due diligence.

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Increase Efficiency

Consolidate tools, automate manual processes, reduce the attack surface, minimize your data footprint, and get more value from your data

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Minimize Data Footprint

Reduce OpEx and CapEx by automatically eliminating similar, duplicate, and ROT data; minimize the attack surface automatically

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Why BigID?


Modern architecture design to scale with your data at petabyte scale - without affecting business or systems.

Machine Learning

Advanced ML that nobody else has - from customizable NLP classifiers to graph tech for more depth & accuracy.

Cloud Native

Deploy where you want: in the cloud, on prem, or across a hybrid environment - agentless & automated.

Enterprise Security

RBAC, Password Vault Support, Minimum Privileges, 2FA, Secure Cloud Deployment, No data duplication.

Modular Extensibility

Choose the apps you need and build from there - with apps for privacy, security, and governance.

Open Ecosystem

Integrate with your tech stack with partner apps or build your own on an open, API-first platform.

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