Data Coverage

BigID Helps Organizations Find, Inventory, Map and Correlate Data Across Most Data Types, In Any Language, At Petabyte-scale, In the Data Center or Cloud

Unmatched Data Source Support

BigID’s unique ML and identity intelligence based smart correlation and classification provide organizations an ability to look across structured, unstructured, Big Data, cloud and apps with one tool at Petabyte-scale.

BigID can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud, requires no agents or ETL to copy data and eliminates centralization of sensitive information. Deployment is low cost and highly flexible using easy to orchestrate containers.


BigID’s identity correlation and classification capabilities enable the discovery of sensitive and personal data in files and documents using internals analysis to address privacy and regulatory compliance mandates like the EU GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • CSV files
  • Adobe PDF
  • Google Slides
  • Google Sheets
  • Apple Numbers
  • Apple Keynote
  • Apple Pages
  • Zip files
  • Image / Audio Binaries (Coming Soon)
  • OCR (coming soon)

Unstructured File Shares

Organizations accumulate mountains of unstructured files in files shares both in the Datacenter and cloud. BigID offers the broadest support for scanning diverse files shares for easy file analysis, comparison, and access governance.

  • CIFS
  • SMB
  • NFS
  • Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive
  • Microsoft Azure Files
  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • AWS S3

Structured Databases

BigID provides comprehensive support for scanning and indexing relational databases to discover, classify and index both personally identifiable data and personal data. BigID automatically associates findings to a Data Subject and combines primary data discovery with metadata enrichment to uncover data relationships through correlation and proximity analysis.

  • Oracle SQL
  • IBM DB2
  • Microsoft SQL
  • IBM DB2 iSeries
  • MySQL
  • Teradata
  • PostgresSQL
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Sybase
  • IBM Informix

Big Data & NoSQL

For the first time organizations can scan NoSQL and Big Data clusters on-prem or in the cloud at scale to discover and index personal data, and then establish correlations and relationships to information stored in both relational databases and unstructured file shares.

  • Apache Hadoop HDFS
  • Hadoop Hive
  • Vertica
  • Hadoop HBase
  • Snowflake
  • Hadoop HAWQ
  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS Dynamo
  • Cassandra
  • Google BigQuery
  • MongoDB
  • Microsoft Azure Blob
  • Splunk
  • Couchbase
  • Teradata


More and more personal Information is stored in the mail and communications applications. BigID helps organizations look inside this mountain of data to find identity data and determine who it belongs to meet privacy and compliance regulations, as well as determine where data minimization efforts should be focused.

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, and up
  • Gmail
  • Slack
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • Exchange


In addition to providing an extensive and constantly growing ecosystem and connector support, BigID also ships with pre-made connections to middleware to further expand reach and scope.

  • Presto
  • BigID Connector and SDK
  • Denodo
  • Mulesoft
  • Kafka (coming soon)
  • Kinesis
  • SAP Data Hub


BigID runs cloud-native inside AWS, Azure and SAP cloud and provides advanced ability to intelligently scan, inventory and map personal data in the cloud.

  • Salesforce
  • Box
  • AWS Dynamo
  • Netsuite
  • Jira
  • ServiceNow
  • AWS Athena
  • Google BigQuery
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • AWS Aurora
  • Snowflake
  • Workday
  • BigID Generic Cloud API
  • O365
  • Mulesoft Cloud Connector
  • Google Drive
  • AWS Redshift
  • Azure Blob
  • Azure File


Some sensitive data is tightly coupled inside on-premise and cloud applications. BigID gives enterprises an ability to interrogate complex application environments for PI and PII.

  • NetSuite
  • Sap NetWeaver Application
  • SAP Business Suite
  • Salesforce CRM
  • S/4HANA
  • Workday
  • SuccessFactors
  • Mainframe
  • OracleERP
  • DB2 on Mainframe

Technology Integrations

BigID has made 3rd party integration simple. the BigID APIs allow any organizations to build custom orchestrations with other data security and governance tools with many already pre-built.

  • Docker
  • ServiceNow
  • Kubernetes
  • IBM Guardium
  • Splunk
  • RSA Archer
  • Ionic Security
  • MS AIP (Azure Information Protection)
  • Jira
  • Cohesity
  • AWS Advanced Partner
  • OneTrust
  • MS Azure Marketplace
  • Privitar
  • Immuta
  • SAP Hana
  • SAP Data Hub
  • Collibra
  • Symantec (coming soon)
  • Alation (coming soon)
  • ASG