Satisfy EU GDPR Data Protection Requirements With Automation.

Avoid Fines That Can Reach 4% of Global Revenues.

Compliance Simplified

The adoption by the European Parliament of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has profound repercussions for digital privacy on both sides of the Atlantic.

Any sustainable approach to meeting EU GDPR requirements involves aligning compliance mandates with clearly defined policies and consistent technical processes.

BigID provides the centralized view into personal and private data distributed across data repositories required in order to meet EU GDPR requirements:


Data Minimization

Ensure data minimization through duplicate discovery and correlation


Data Subject rights

Satisfy customer data portability support and Enable right-to-be-forgotten


Consent Management

Demonstrate enforcement of customer consent for personal data collection


Data Residency

Data residency flows risk profiling


Breach Notification

Comply with breach notification windows