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Policy-driven retention management for all data, everywhere

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Retention management for risk reduction

Operationalize data retention with automation to apply the same policies across different types of data to ensure complete coverage and identify duplicate data to apply consistent policies.

Set policies to determine which data to maintain or discard and apply to all data – structured and unstructured, on-prem and in the cloud, across all data types, stores, and sources.

Import existing policies or create custom data retention rules to act on data aging. Tag data to keep, set up workflows to manage how long to keep it, and mark over-retained data for deletion.

Identify sensitive, critical, personal and regulated data to comply with relevant data retention policies, regardless of the industry or geography.

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Data retention done differently

  • Manage Data Retention at Scale
  • Identify Critical Data
  • Execute Business and Legal Requirements
  • Bridge Legal Retention and IT Teams
  • Create and Manage Policies
  • Decrease Data Clutter
  • Take Action on Findings
  • Audit for Compliance

Define, manage, and remediate data retention policies across the business with BigID.

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