Automated Data Labeling

Label and tag data for better protection and enforcement.

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Label data for more accurate enforcement

Implement consistent data policy enforcement based on the sensitivity or criticality classification of your data. Automatically apply labels to sensitive, critical, and personal data for greater accuracy and ensure consistent enforcement across all data, everywhere.

Automatically propagate data labels and tags with accuracy – based on risk, sensitivity, regulation, value, and more, using BigID’s advanced sensitivity classification methods that go above and beyond traditional approaches.

Extend your DLP, CASB, and other policy driven tools by incorporating accurate and consistent labeling across your sensitive or critical data. Apply policies based on the insight generated from BigID’s discovery and classification engine.

Enrich native data protection and labeling capabilities from Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) and Google Drive Labeling with BigID for stronger and more accurate enforcement, protection, and compliance. Augment MIP and Google Drive labeling through BigID’s data classification technology for better context about data sensitivity or criticality.

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Data labeling done differently

  • Custom Labeling & Tagging
  • Microsoft Label Support
  • Automate Policy Enforcement
  • ML-Augmented Data Labeling
  • Extend Existing Tools
  • Classify Data Across Microsoft 365
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Report on Results

Strengthen data protection & enforcement with BigID's data labeling.

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Explore the BigID Data Security Suite

  • Data Access Intelligence App

    Identify open and over-privileged data access across data center and cloud.

  • Data Remediation App

    Enable remediation of high-risk, sensitive, and regulated data.


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