Actionable Data Intelligence

Modern Data Visibility & Control

  • Data Discovery

    Find, classify, and catalog all sensitive data – everywhere. From NLP to RegEx, use OOB and custom classifiers to manage all regulated, critical, personal, and sensitive data in a unified data inventory.

    Data Classification • Catalog • File Analysis • Asset Inventory

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  • Privacy

    Operationalize data privacy: automatically build a data inventory and PI map, automate DSAR fulfillment, and manage RoPA.

    PI Inventory • DSAR Automation • Privacy Portal • Consent Governance • RoPA Mapping • PIA Automation • Privacy Automation

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  • Security

    Find and classify crown jewel data, identify and manage risk, uncover access issues, remediate data, and reduce your attack surface.

    Risk Management • Compliance • File Access Intelligence • Data Remediation • Data Retention • Labeling • Breach Data Investigation

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  • Governance

    Reimagine data governance with an ML augmented catalog, dynamic data quality, scalable data stewardship,  data retention and lifecycle management, and more.

    Metadata Catalog • Data Quality • Data Stewardship • Data Retention • Metadata Exchange • Business Glossary

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Why BigID?

  • Coverage A single platform to manage all your data, everywhere: data at rest and in motion; cloud and data center; structured and unstructured
  • Context Get the big picture and add context to data to make better decisions across privacy, security, and governance
  • Scale Manage enterprise data volume (billions) and data sources (thousands) with low impact to your systems
  • Enterprise Class Built for enterprise use with RBAC access granularity, password vault integration, best practices, and more
  • Actionability Take action across privacy, security & governance with apps - from file access intelligence to data retention to data remediation to data quality and more
  • Open Ecosystem Enrich and enhance your existing tech stack with native integrations and advanced orchestration with countless other tools
  • ML Augmented Leverage patented ML and NLP engine for more accurate classification and insight, predictive labels, automated data intelligence, and more
  • Active Metadata Innovate with continuous metadata management: detect change, perform differential scans, trigger events dynamically, and more
  • End-to-End Automation Build playbooks for bridging data, apps and actions
  • Privacy Compliance Manage data by regulation and sensitivity & push privacy aware insight into your inventory
  • Risk Management Proactive risk management, risk scoring, and risk mitigation across your ecosystem
  • Customized Views Customize views tailored to your audience - from IT to devs to data stewards to business users and beyond

Data Discovery

Find, classify, catalog, profile and get context for all your data in the cloud or data-center, at-rest or in-motion, structured or unstructured at petabyte scale. BigID is the first data discovery solution to provide actionable data intelligence for data privacy, security and governance.

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Identify sensitive data using hundreds of pre-built NLP, Deep Learning and pattern classifiers. Add your own from reference data or training data. Define risk and sensitivity levels from rules and compound classifications.

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Use advanced Cluster Analysis ML to automatically identify duplicate or similar data across structured, unstructured, and data lakes to streamline data labeling, risk reduction, and minimization.

Capture, label, and manage metadata at scale across hundreds of structured, unstructured, and cloud platforms in the BigID catalog. Dynamically update data changes as they happen. Layer on business, operational, privacy and security metadata. Native metadata interchange with Collibra, Alation, Informatica EDC, MS Purview, SAP, ASG and more.

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Find connectivity and lineage relationships across data stores and data context using graph based BigID Correlation ML.  Simplify building and maintaining MDM golden records, automate data rights, and identify related account and transaction data.

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Data Privacy

Operationalize data privacy to achieve compliance, make better decisions, improve efficiency, drive innovation, and build trust.

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Find, classify, and catalog all personal, customer, and employee data across your entire ecosystem.

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Run thousands of DSARs at scale with end-to-end data rights automation. Manage data requests, consent governance, cookie management, and more.

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Simplify regulatory reporting and analysis by mapping data flows, data processing activities, breach impact notifications, and 3rd party data sharing to maintain continuous RoPA and PIA compliance

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Data Security

Discover crown jewel data, classify sensitive data, detect vulnerable data, orchestrate data remediation, and mitigate risk across your entire data ecosystem.

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Find, classify, and tag sensitive data with context, map data flows & processes, identify high-risk data access issues with ML insight, and remediate high-risk data based across all types of data.

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Identify high risk data and reduce the attack surface with ML driven insight. Manage and enforce policies, orchestrate remediation workflows, and reduce risk.

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Enrich DLP and CASB with privacy and risk aware insight, enforce data retention and business policy, and extend security insight for privacy and governance in a single pane of glass.

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Data Governance

Reimgine data mangagement with a data-up approach: enhance productivity with data stewardship, accuracy with data quality, and efficiency with an advanced business glossary.

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Find and manage metadata at petabyte scale across billions of objects with an ML-augmented data catalog, and enrich your current metadata catalog with risk-aware context and insight.

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Improve data trust with data quality scoring, replace manual curation processes with ML-based validation, and streamline data stewardship with a centralized dashboard and KPI management for various personas.

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Get unprecedented visibility and insight into personal, sensitive, and enterprise data – with broad data coverage at petabyte scale across almost any data source, cloud, or pipeline.

Data Intelligence

Discovery-In-Depth: The Path to Data Intelligence

Learn how discovery-in-depth gives organizations unmatched data intelligence for privacy, protection, and perspective.



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