Advanced PII DiscoveryAdvanced
PII Discovery

Because you can’t protect what you can’t find.

  • Get beyond dated DLP technology.
  • Leverage machine learning to find PII accurately.
  • Identify data sensitivity and uniqueness.
  • Uncover dark data.
  • Inventory PII by individual subject.
Advanced PII Discovery
Automated Data Mapping

Automated Data MappingAutomated
Data Mapping

You don’t know where you’re going unless
you know where you’ve been.

  • Bring data science to data privacy.
  • Replace unreliable interviews and surveys with
    automated data mapping.
  • Track data lineage.
  • Simplify data audits.
  • Resolve flows across apps, data centers
    and countries.

Actionable Privacy RiskActionable
Privacy Risk

Reduce insecurity through PII intelligence.

  • Measure risk by data sensitivity, location, access and consent.
  • Customize one or more risk models.
  • Get actionable recommendations for minimization, tokenization, anonymization, encryption.
  • Bubble up top focus items.
  • Assign investigation & remediation tasks.
Actionable Privacy Risk
Compliance Analysis

Compliance AnalysisCompliance

Enhance data governance through better
data Analysis.

  • Quickly test compliance with regulation.
  • Validate compliance against
  • Manage subject access requests.
  • Simplify regulator reporting.
  • Collaborate on investigations.

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