Advanced PII DiscoveryAdvanced
PII/PI Discovery

Find & Inventory All Personal Data At Scale.

  • Patent-pending machine learning & identity intelligence technology.
  • Identify all PII across structured, unstructured, cloud & Big Data.
  • Inventory PII by data subject & residency for GDPR.
  • Measure data re-identifiability for pseudonymization.
  • Uncover dark or uncatalogued data.
  • Fix data quality, visualize PII data relationships.
Advanced PII Discovery
Automated Data Mapping

Automated Data Mappingmap & govern Data

Map Data & Flow, Enable New Analysis.

  • Build PII maps without any data copying or warehouse.
  • Splunk-like analysis of PII by person, state, access, data type, etc.
  • Collaboratively enrich PII records with purpose of use & retention.
  • Supplement scanned data with built-in surveys.
  • Document GDPR Article 30 with “living” data flow diagrams.
  • Easily maintain data maps & flows for (D)PIAs.

Actionable Privacy Riskde-risk &

Build & Measure Data Risk KPIs.

  • Measure risk by data sensitivity, location, access, consent etc.
  • Customize multiple risk models tailored to internal audiences.
  • Get actionable recommendations for security & privacy.
  • Bubble up risky data & activities for attention.
  • Assign investigation & remediation tasks.
  • Tag files with risk parameters for enhanced DLP, DAM, DRM.
Actionable Privacy Risk
Compliance Analysis

Compliance AnalysisGDPR & Data Compliance

Enhance Governance Through Better

  • Monitor compliance for regulations like GDPR.
  • Manage data subject access requests & consent.
  • Simplify regulator reporting.
  • Identify breached data and compromised users.
  • Test compliance against future data regulations.
  • Enable devop compliance in agile environments.

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