Data Deletion

Delete in Seconds to Accelerate Compliance and Reduce Risk

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Delete in a Click

Automatically delete data – across MYSQL, Google Drive, S3, Snowflake, Oracle, and more.

Automatically delete data for Data Subject Rights “request to be removed/right be forgotten (erasure)” to fulfill privacy rights requirements.

Identify duplicate and unnecessary data, then streamline deletion to automatically remove ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial), reducing the attack surface and privacy risk.

Execute data retention policies to delete data on time, not to exceed retention periods. Also manage data under legal hold to keep important information.

Collaborate with your team to manage and track data deletion requests with audit trails, verification, reminders, and status updates – all in one location.

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Data deletion done differently

  • In-Depth Data Discovery Develop an accurate, reliable data inventory covering all data types for deeper insights into personal information.
  • E2E Automated Deletion Quickly and easily fulfill deletion by user and application.
  • Deletion Validation Effectively validate deletion requests through collaboration and audit trails.
  • Data Retention Align with policies to streamline deletion based on retention (legal hold) periods.
  • Data Minimization Minimize privacy risk by removing duplicate, redundant and obsolete data (ROT).
  • Audit Trail & Reporting Maintain all deletion requests for privacy regulations in a centralized location and report on compliance.
  • Communication Notify users and auditors that their data is successfully deleted to complete the data deletion process.
  • Risk & Compliance Mitigate cloud data risks by reducing the attack surface through immediate deletion.

Explore the BigID Privacy Suite

  • Privacy Portal App

    Get end-to-end data subjects rights request intake and lifecycle management service with the BigID Privacy Portal.

  • Data Rights Automation App

    Automate end-to-end data rights fulfillment and reporting – from requests to data deletion validation.

  • Consent Governance App

    Centralize your view of consent across de-centralized stores of consent data.

  • PIA Automation

    Identify, document, and minimize risk with Privacy Impact Assessments.


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