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Recent Episodes

Episode #31

Why Data Security Needs to Put the Customer First

Mark Tamallo

Mark Tomallo, SVP Chief Information Security Officer of Victoria’s Secret, joins BigIDeas on the Go to talk about data security in retail, how companies should be prioritizing the security of their customer’s data, and trends we should expect to see as organizations mature in their data handling. Tomallo has worked in cybersecurity for over two … Continued

Episode #30

The Evolution and Innovation of the Hybrid Cloud

Howard Boville

Howard Boville, SVP of the Hybrid Cloud Platform at IBM, joins BigIDeas on the Go to talk about the multi-cloud, data sovereignty, regulatory drivers, and what innovation we can expect in a multi-cloud world. Prior to his role at IBM, Boville served as the Chief Technology Officer at Bank of America and played an integral … Continued

Episode #29

Building Trust and Creating Responsible Privacy Frameworks

Pedro Pavon

In this episode Pedro Pavon, Global Policy Director of Monetization Privacy and Fairness at Meta, joins BigIDeas on the Go to talk about privacy in advertising, the future of monetization, building trust between regulators and the industry, and how to build more inclusive frameworks. Pavon took an unconventional route to arrive in the data privacy … Continued

Episode #27

Data Governance Innovation in Financial Services

Dan Power

Dan Power, managing director of data governance at State Street, joins BigIDeas on the Go to talk about AI and ML in data governance programs, the data management landscape in financial services, and why automation is necessary. During his tenure in the data governance world, Dan Power has served several Fortune 500 firms—first on the … Continued

Episode #25

Driving Innovation with Privacy Engineering

Nishant Bhajaria

Nishant Bhajaria, Head of Privacy Engineering and Governance at Uber, joins BigIDeas on the Go to discuss privacy by design, how companies should think about privacy engineering to stay prepared for upcoming regulations, and his new runbook on privacy.  Privacy Controls: From Reactive to Proactive From Nike to Netflix to Google to Uber, Bhajaria’s … Continued

Episode #24

Driving Change in Federal Data Management

Jonathan Alboum - Federal CTO ServiceNow

Jonathan Alboum, Federal CTO at ServiceNow, sits down with BigIDeas on the Go to chat about how digital transformation is taking off in the public sector, what lies ahead in the government’s “rush to the cloud,” and the ever-increasing importance of knowing your data. “Volumes and Volumes and Volumes” of Data Before Alboum joined ServiceNow, … Continued

Episode #23

AI, ML, and Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Jacob Sorensen

Jacob Sorensen, Chief Information Officer at Bank of the West — a financial organization that is looked upon as a vanguard in terms of innovation and digital transformation — sits down with BigIDeas on the Go to chat about digital transformation in financial services and how the pandemic has accelerated the need for smarter and … Continued

Episode #22

Data Insights & Cloud Adoption in the Federal Space

Darryl Peek

Recently named one of 2021’s top IT influencers in the federal space, Darryl Peek, Google’s Head of Federal Strategic Partnerships, sits down with BigID CEO Dimitri Sirota in our BigIDeas on the Go podcast to chat about cloud adoption in the federal space. Peek has been with Google for about a year, but he started … Continued

Episode #21

Cybersecurity Controls for the Hybrid World

Anthony Belfiore

Anthony Belfiore, Chief Security Officer at AON, ​​joins the BigIDeas on the Go podcast to talk about how cybersecurity regulations have evolved over the past several years, how far malicious attackers have (or haven’t) come, and what lies ahead in the cybersecurity world. Belfiore’s two-decade career in cybersecurity began in the U.S. defense industry, where … Continued

Episode #20

How to Build a Sustainable Data-Driven Culture

Robin Sutara

Robin Sutara, CDO at Microsoft UK, joins the BigIDeas on the Go podcast to discuss her somewhat atypical professional path to the role of CDO, how she strove to build a data-driven culture at Microsoft, and how organizations across industries can do the same.  Twenty-three years into her career at Microsoft, Sutara recalls her … Continued

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