Data Lifecycle Management (DLM)

Simplify and automate data lifecycle management from collection to destruction.

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Streamline your data lifecycle management

Take a platform approach for continuous data lifecycle management.  Accurately find, classify, catalog, and tag your data and easily enforce governance & control – from retention to deletion.


Solutions for Data Lifecycle Management

  • Apply consistent data retention management policies across all data types
    and all data sources
  • Evaluate rules and connect to data to identify what data to retain or delete
  • Manage priority policies for legal exceptions

  • Remediate data by sensitivity, type, policy, and more
  • Manage workflows and delegate action
  • Automatically trigger alerts and notifications
  • Log and audit activity

  • Easily and automatically delete data by user and systems
  • Eliminate duplicate data, redundant, obsolete, and trivial data, & delete based on policy
  • Accelerate data minimization & data lifecycle management
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