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Enable remediation of high risk, sensitive, and regulated data

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Data remediation that works for you

Manage data remediation all in one place: a single pane of glass to mark data to be archived, quarantined, deleted, masked, encrypted, anonymized, and more.

Delegate decisions to the right people, and make better data driven decisions.  Assign findings and tasks to the right data owners, take action on the right data, and maintain an audit trail of all remediation activity.

Manage open issues based on risk, context, and priority – and customize your remediation actions and policies. Drill down into the data to see policies, violations, activity, access issues, and more.

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Data remediation done differently

  • Remediate All Data, Everywhere
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Customize for Your Business
  • Role-Based Dashboards
  • Assign and Collaborate
  • Centralized Auditing and Reporting
  • API-Driven Integrations
  • Connect Across the Platform

Track, prioritize, delegate, and take action to remediate high-risk data with BigID.

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