Data Discovery Done Differently.

Know Your Data, Explore Your Data

Automatically find, classify, and map all of your data - everywhere.

Find the Data You Know - and the Data You Don't

Automatically and accurately discover, inventory, validate, and map the data that matters most to you: including PI, sensitive data, regulated data, financial data, and more.

Uncover dark data and explore your data by type, context, sensitivity, regulation, location, residency, redundancy, duplication, metadata, labels, and risk.

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Connect to the Data That Matters Most

Connect to hundreds data sources natively: including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, dev tools, apps, big data & NoSQL, email, and on-prem data centers - at petabyte scale.

Easily scan and inventory your structured & unstructured data & automatically classify, tag, and label your data by type, sensitivity, regulation, risk, policy, and more.

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Get Accurate Results, Not Noise

Find Sensitive Data 95% Faster

Get transformative ML-based hyperscan to scan large volumes of unstructured data for faster time to value and deeper data insight.

Curate & Tune Your Classifiers

Use classifier tuning to tune and train ML models in real time based on your data, without coding, for improved accuracy in data classification.

Customize Your Policies

Get hundreds of policies and classifiers out of the box, and customize your own to get more results about the data that matters most.

Map PI to Identities

Don't stop at regex: automatically map PII and PI to identities, entities, and residencies to connect the dots across your data.

Go Further, Faster with ML

Combine pattern and regular expression based classification with ML augmented by NLP, Deep Learning and Graph.

Turn Up the Volume

Connect, scan, and get results at petabyte scale - with discovery & classification built to scale to enterprise environments & data volume.

BigID Data Discovery & Classification

Data Classification

Automatically classify more types of data in more places: regular expression is just the start. Get native ML-insight with customizable NLP models that you can tune for even greater accuracy.

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Graph Technology

Connect the dots, surface relationships between data points, and correlate related data for more accuracy and a holistic understanding of your data.

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Fuzzy Matching

Automatically identify similar, duplicate, and redundant data across your entire data landscape - and drill down to explore your data.

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ML That Works

Cut through the noise with ML that works - with confidence scoring, predictive discovery, supervised learning, and more.

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NLP Trained Models

Not all data looks the same - neither should your classification. Get customizable NLP classifiers for deeper context.

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Discovery Automation

Automate foundational workflows and processes to make your data discovery and classification more efficient, accurate, and scaleable.

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