Updated as of October 23, 2023


BigID Statement on Modern Slavery

BigID Inc., inclusive of its group companies (“BigID”), is a leader in data security, privacy, compliance, and governance: enabling organizations to proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their data in a single platform for data visibility and control.

BigID Commitment:

BigID believes it’s everyone’s responsibility to act with integrity and respect for the rights of every human being. BigID is committed to maintaining the highest moral, ethical, and legal standards of conduct and corporate responsibility.

Modern slavery encompasses slavery, servitude, human trafficking and forced labor. BigID has a zero-tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery, human trafficking, or other forced or child labor. BigID unequivocally supports the elimination of human trafficking, modern slavery, and any other forms of forced or child labor and strives to comply with the global laws and regulations governing modern slavery, human trafficking, or forced labor.

BigID has published this statement against modern slavery, human trafficking, and other forced or child labor to emphasize its commitment to anti-slavery as one of its core corporate values and to detail its undertaking to ensure that modern slavery, human trafficking, child labor, or any form of forced or compulsory labor do not inhabit any part of BigID’s business operations.

Assessment of Risk

BigID employs a technology-centric, skilled labor force and all personnel are full-consenting, voluntary, employees or independent contractors who receive competitive compensation and benefits. BigID attains the majority of its workers through direct recruiting and only selectively uses recruitment firms for highly competitive skilled-roles.

As a software company, BigID does not manufacture, produce, or distribute hardware, physical goods or commodities. BigID’s supply chain consists of software, technical support services, professional services, and sales agents and marketing services.

The nature of BigID’s business makes encountering slavery, unlawful child labor, or human trafficking in its operations unlikely. Nevertheless, BigID remains vigilant. BigID’s business operations do not rely on low-wage labor or vulnerable populations such as children or immigrants. Similarly, BigID’s business partners, customers, and subcontractors are generally well-established persons and entities that do not rely on vulnerable populations.

BigID Policies

To reinforce BigID’s commitment to combat human trafficking and modern slavery, BigID has
adopted and implemented the following policies:

  • This Statement on Modern Slavery: Reviewed and updated annually.
  • BigID Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy: Applicable to all our employees, officers, and directors, the Code contains a commitment to comply with all applicable laws.
  • Anonymous Reporting: BigID provides for confidential and, to the extent permitted by law, anonymous reporting of any suspected wrongdoing and a commitment to non-retaliation for reports made in good faith. Employees, customers, partners, and individuals may go to http://bigid.ethicspoint.com/ and follow the prompts to anonymously report concerns.

Internal Policies:

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption (ABC) Policy. BigID believes human rights abuses and corruption are always entangled. BigID’s ABC Policy establishes zero tolerance for corruption and bribery in its business operations.

BigID Monitoring & Controls:

BigID has implemented policies across the organization to emphasize a commitment to lawful and ethical labor practices. BigID also requires regular compliance and security training of its employees and provides its personnel with up to date information regarding global compliance matters. BigID has instituted a documented procurement function in conjunction with its internal legal counsel to oversee procurement across its operations focused on vetting of its vendors and customers. In addition, BigID has launched a publicly available reporting hotline allowing for anonymous reporting of any suspected wrongdoing.

Finally, BigID is consistently reviewing and updating its internal agreement templates and has instituted contractual priorities for the many relationships BigID is a party to. BigID and its commercial counterparties contractually commit to comply with all applicable laws. BigID regularly negotiates agreements that contain specific covenants for anti-slavery and anti-forced labor policies and compliance.

This statement is made pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. BigID will regularly review and update this statement to reinforce its ongoing efforts to combat slavery, human trafficking, and forced labor. For further information about BigID’s commitment against anti-slavery and human trafficking, please contact BigID directly.