BigID for CIS Control 3

Learn how BigID can help organizations enhance their cybersecurity posture and protect sensitive data in accordance with the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Control 3 for Data Protection.

CIS Control 3 - Data Protection

CIS Control 3 for Data Protection is one of the top “basic controls” that, implemented together, can mitigate the risk of cyberattacks by 84%. Reaching far beyond just encryption, Control 3 presents a playbook for data management best practices from a security perspective.

Establish and Maintain a Data Management Process

BigID discovers and classifies data according to its sensitivity or criticality for better management. BigID leverages traditional and advanced data classification techniques using NLP and ML to confidently classify and categorize all types of data at scale. With in-depth data discovery, define and enforce data policies including retention, minimization, quarantining, and more.

Establish and Maintain a Data Inventory

BigID’s in-depth data discovery creates a current, complete, and accurate inventory of all data assets across the environment, anywhere they exist — in the cloud or on-prem. Automatically find, classify, and catalog sensitive, critical, and personal data across structured and unstructured sources to establish a single source of truth.

Enforce Data Retention

BigID’s Data Retention App enables teams to enact policy-driven retention management for all data in one place. Leverage retention policies and business rules, define custom policies, and apply them consistently across data types and sources.

Securely Dispose of Data

BigID can automatically identify unused, duplicate, similar, or redundant data to help teams reduce unnecessary exposure and secure vulnerable data. Identify high-risk, low-value use of sensitive or critical data for minimization efforts. Mark data for removal across your environment.

Establish and Maintain a Data Classification Scheme

BigID leverages NLP and ML-based classification techniques for both structured and unstructured data to accurately apply data labels to the catalog and enforce data access policies. Apply the same labeling rules across disparate labeling frameworks and different data sources for policy consistency everywhere. Define your own sensitivity or criticality classification definitions best suited for your organization.

Document Data Flows

BigID’s RoPA App provides the ability to automate the generation of data flows encompassing data transfers — and validate third-party data flow contractual provisions covering name, business process, and data category with data-driven insights. Better understand how your data flows across the environment.

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