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Zero Trust from the Data Up

Strengthen your zero trust strategy with a data first approach: understand the data you have, get to a least privileged model, and reduce risk on your data.

Solutions for Zero Trust

  • Find and classify all of your data, everywhere
  • Inventory your data by type, sensitivity, regulation, risk, and more
  • Flag, tag, and label your data for more granular control

  • Automatically find overexposed data & overprivileged users
  • Reduce access on sensitive & high risk data
  • Remediate over-permissioned users

  • Automatically identify risks in your environment
  • Manage security alerts by case, policy, type and more
  • Investigate, drill down, and resolve cases by severity
  • Eliminate data exposure & protect your sensitive data

  • Remediate data & access by sensitivity, type, policy, and more
  • Reduce risk on overexposed data & overprivileged users
  • Maintain an audit trail with advanced reporting to track progress
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