Howard Boville, SVP of the Hybrid Cloud Platform at IBM, joins BigIDeas on the Go to talk about the multi-cloud, data sovereignty, regulatory drivers, and what innovation we can expect in a multi-cloud world.

Prior to his role at IBM, Boville served as the Chief Technology Officer at Bank of America and played an integral part in their digital transformation.

“From that vantage point I had a good perspective in terms of the whole cloud marketplace because I was consuming technology from every technology company, you can imagine, large and small and saw a number of gaps in the marketplace where there could be complementary capabilities built and that’s kind of led to my landing here, IBM.”

Boville recalls first hearing about the cloud at a private dinner in the early 2000’s with the CTO of AWS Werner Vogels and thinking, “that’ll never happen” — a sentiment that was later amended in the coming years as the number of cloud computing companies sprouted with great success.

“Where we are now, I still see cloud technologies that will lead to the enterprise space in a particular regulated industry as a very nascent technology that’s kind of coming through its experimentation phase and that was the opportunity that I saw.”

Listen to the full podcast to hear more about Boville’s insights into the future of the multi-cloud and how it is changing the data landscape.