Discover PI across structured, unstructured & big data

Find every person’s data across petabytes of on-prem or cloud data using advanced machine learning, identity intelligence & smart correlation.

Hidden information
Find hidden information & relationships

Uncover unknown & uncatalogued personal data. Resolve identities; show data connections across PI tables; detect quality anomalies.

Inventory PI
by data subject & residency

Index identity data by data subjects, country, app & more to enable GDPR privacy requirements like right-to-be-forgotten, breach response notifications and consent.

Automate access right fulfillment at scale

Generate customized data access reports at scale and high volume. Ensure continuous compliance through ongoing data deletion checks.

Automate data flow mapping 

Automatically build & maintain data flow maps from scanned data. Enrich process maps with built-in surveys & collaboration.

Track data access & X-border Flows

Monitor PI access by application for enhanced data protection. Automatically track x-border data flows for all PI automatically.

Identify and Prioritize Protection for PI with Open Access

BigID consolidates access intelligence insights to provide a granular view of where personal data at risk, with the ability to drill down and search the inventory for focused security and privacy compliance actions.

Comply with privacy regulations like GDPR & CCPA

Enable security, privacy, data governance organizations to satisfy current regulations and test against future regulations through simple natural language queries, analysis templates, and reports.

Test data compliance against regulations
Map your data relationships across data stores

Trace and traverse your identity data across apps and data stores. Identify connections across entities; find sensitive associations; determine lineage.

Smart, Privacy-aware Tagging

Add GDPR and identity-centric labels to documents for simplified security enforcement with DLP, DRM, DAM and Encryption.

72H Breach Investigation and Notification

Compare internal data with dark web data to identify affected users and their residency for fast targeted response and accelerated investigation.


Automate Policy Checks and Enforcement Orchestration

Flag, alert, and orchestrate data protection actions via APIs with configurable policies; proactively react to compliance violations, risk escalation or cross-border transfers.

Easily Consolidate And Correlate Consent Capture

Connect to multiple sources of consent agreement and extend consent management systems to consent governance use cases for data subjects, attributes and applications.

Measure data and
privacy risk

Build custom privacy risk metrics based on data type, location, access or consent parameters.

Measure data and privacy risk