Discover structured & unstructured PII accurately

Find structured & unstructured PII across 100s of millions of users without Regular Expression coding or high false positives of traditional DLP tools.

Discover personal data accurately at scale
Hidden information
Find hidden information

Uncover new personal data not previously catalogued. Measure data re-identifiability. Resolve disparate profile entities.

Inventory identity
data by data subject

Index identity data to data subjects to enable privacy / GDPR requirements like data subject access, right-to-be-forgotten and breach response notifications.

Correlate Identity data to Identities
Automate data mapping
Automate data mapping

Collaboratively build, maintain and catalogue dynamic data flow maps across critical business processes for Privacy Impact Assessments.

Track data access

Monitor structured and unstructured PII data access by user and application for enhanced breach detection, breach response investigation and privacy compliance.

Track data access
Measure data and privacy risk
Measure data and
privacy risk

Build custom privacy risk metrics based on data type, location, access or consent parameters.

Comply with Privacy Regulations like GDPR

Enable security, privacy, data or compliance organizations to satisfy current regulations and test against future regulations through simple natural language queries, analysis templates and reports.

Test data compliance against regulations
De-Risk data against loss, theft or misuse
De-Risk data against theft or misuse

Assign analysts to investigate vulnerable data with recommended actions.