Take control of your data security with automated Data Loss Prevention (DLP). BigID and Netskope offer a seamless solution for automated DLP across your entire data landscape.

Many security teams have rightfully focused on fortifying their cloud environments in recent years. This laser focus on cloud security is crucial. However, the rise of AI and its data-driven nature has introduced a new layer of complexity. Amid these advancements, it’s critical not to neglect data on prem. Here’s a surprising fact: around 40% of enterprise data still resides on-prem. This on-prem data remains vulnerable if not properly secured.

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DLP Enforcement & Controls for Data Everywhere

BigID and Netskope, together, provide security teams with an automated solution for data loss prevention (DLP) across your entire data environment. Here’s how it works:

Discover & Classify All Your Data

Leveraging advanced AI and ML to find, classify, categorize, flag, tag, and label all types of sensitive, personal, regulated, and critical data across the entire environment including structured data, unstructured data in the cloud and on premise with unmatched accuracy. Organizations can classify sensitive data based on regulations (PCI, HIPAA), residency (GDPR), data type (PII, IP), and even risk level, giving a comprehensive understanding of sensitive data wherever it resides.

Enforce Data Security Controls

Empowered by BigID’s comprehensive data visibility, Netskope enforces watertight data security policies across all data states – at-rest, in-transit, and in-use. This ensures that sensitive information is protected wherever it resides, regardless of whether it’s stored on a server, transmitted across a network, or actively being used. By automatically blocking unauthorized data movement, leakage, and exfiltration attempts, to safeguard organizations from data breaches, insider threats, and inadvertent data loss.

Unify Data Controls

Together, BigID and Netskope consolidate data protection efforts, allowing for consistent data loss prevention (DLP) policies across the entire data landscape. With a single, unified control center, complexity of managing a diverse ecosystem disappears. This streamlined approach empowers a centralized view of all DLP activity, simplifying monitoring, investigation, and response to potential data security incidents.

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Unified & Streamlined Data Security

By working together, BigID and Netskope offer a unified view and control center for all your data. Security teams can ditch juggling multiple security tools and rely on just one, powerful workflow to simplify management and free up time:

Reduce Risk & Improve Data Security Posture

Get complete visibility to proactively enforce data security controls across all of your data to reduce the risk of data leaks and breaches. Improve your data security posture by knowing and controlling your data with speed and agility.

Make Security Operations More Efficient

Automated DLP powered by AI and ML-based discovery and classification frees up valuable time for your security teams. Empower them to focus on more strategic initiatives like threat hunting and incident response, while the unified data control center streamlines DLP policy management and mitigates human error in the process.

Maintain Compliance

Data protection regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA demand consistent data discovery and classification. Automating DLP ensures comprehensive data identification and categorization across your entire data landscape. Easily demonstrates compliance with regulatory audits and helps organizations avoid hefty fines.

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