Traditional data
discovery only sees one
type of data

Targeted data discovery can only find data that you know about

BigID's discovery-in-depth gives you visibility on all your data, everywhere

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Next-gen data discovery and intelligence for the data you know and the data you don’t.


360° Visibility

Automatically (and accurately) discover, inventory, validate, and map all types of data across your environment – wherever it lives.


Industry Leading Coverage

Support for all your data with coverage where you need it – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured.


Mutlicloud & Hybrid

Get a single pane of glass for all data, everywhere: On-prem, across the cloud, and a hybrid environment – from data at rest to data in motion.


Deep Data Insight

Go beyond surface level regular expressions, and get deep data context and insight around the data itself – what it is, whose it is, where it is, and more.


Automate & Accelerate

Get accurate, automated results for your data at petabyte scale – with confidence scoring, predictive intelligence, hotspot reporting, and more.


Get unprecedented visibility and insight into personal, sensitive, critical and enterprise data – with broad data coverage at petabyte scale across any data source, cloud, or pipeline.

With BigID, you get:

  • Catalog & Registry

    Capture & manage technical, business and security metadata across your entire data environment. Automatically catalog and map sensitive & personal data with deep data insight, incorporating active metadata and classification.

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  • Next-gen Classification

    Leverage both ML based classification to automatically classify data, metadata and docs across any data source or data pipeline. Incorporate multiple types of classification for comprehensive classification on all enterprise data – from NLP customizable classifiers to policy-based classification.

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  • Identify Duplicate Data

    Find duplicate and similar data for easy labeling, governance & data consolidation across files and databases. Apply patented ML-based data analysis for insight and understanding across large data sets across your data environment.

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  • Graph Tech

    Leverage advanced graph technology to find personal, sensitive, and dark data  – mapping back to a person or entity for more accurate results with greater context. Automatically identify data relationships, identities, entities, dark data, inferred data, and associated sensitive data.

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Discovery-In-Depth: The Path to Data Intelligence

Learn how discovery-in-depth gives organizations unmatched data intelligence for privacy, protection, and perspective.