Today’s sprawling IT landscapes demand a comprehensive understanding of both IT assets and the data they contain. Unfortunately, data fragmentation across siloed systems hinders effective security, compliance, and operational workflows. Imagine a world where your IT asset inventory and data context live in perfect harmony, enabling seamless workflows with better visibility.

BigID, the industry’s leading DSPM provider, further solidifies its position as the leader in data-centric security with the introduction of our powerful Service Graph Connector for ServiceNow CMDB.

How Does This Strengthen an Already Strong Integration Between BigID and ServiceNow CMDB?

Here’s how:

Unmatched Bi-Directional CMDB Integration

Forget one-way streets! Our Service Graph Connector establishes a unique two-way flow of data between BigID and ServiceNow CMDB. This bi-directional integration creates a truly unified IT and data asset inventory. Say goodbye to data inconsistencies and hello to a single source of truth for informed decision-making.

Full Workflow Integration: Unleashing the Power of Automation

While other vendors might boast partial integrations, BigID delivers the complete package. Our connector seamlessly integrates data privacy, risk awareness, and operational efficiency into your existing ServiceNow workflows. This empowers you to automate tasks, streamline processes, and achieve new levels of efficiency.

Download the BigID & ServiceNow Solution Brief.

Accelerating ITSM and ITSecOps Workflows

Our AI-powered platform discovers and classifies critical data, enriching your ITSM and ITSecOps workflows with valuable information. This translates to faster incident resolution, improved vulnerability management, and a more robust security posture overall.

Integrated Risk Management: A Holistic View

The benefits extend beyond CMDB. BigID further empowers organizations by enriching their Integrated Risk Management (IRM) module with data information. This enables a more comprehensive understanding of risk by incorporating the critical context of data sensitivity.

Level Up Your Security Posture Control

BigID takes ServiceNow’s Security Posture Control to the next level. Our solution seamlessly integrates data enrichment capabilities, allowing for laser-focused vulnerability assessments and prioritization based on data sensitivity. This ensures you’re addressing the most critical risks first, not wasting time on low-priority vulnerabilities.

Enhanced Support via Service Graph

Leveraging the power of Service Graph, BigID offers enhanced support for streamlined data management and actionable insights within ServiceNow. This translates to a smoother user experience and faster time-to-value.

Embrace a Future of Unified Security and Efficiency

Don’t wait! Join the data-centric security revolution with BigID’s Service Graph Connector.

Here’s what you gain:

  • A unified IT and data asset inventory
  • Optimized ITSM, ITSecOps, and IRM workflows
  • Faster, more informed security decisions
  • Deeper visibility into potential security risks
  • Enhanced support via Service Graph

Embrace a Data-Centric Future with BigID

Don’t settle for fragmented data management. Stay ahead of the curve with BigID’s Service Graph Connector.

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