Find personal data without false positive frustration

Know your data without moving your data

Graph your data relationships without building another data warehouse or lake. Discover identity relationships across your data stores with no language or metadata dependencies.

Discover any personal information, not just a social security number

Find more personal data in any language without false positive frustration 

Get up to 97% accuracy across all data types, without language, character, meta-data or RegX dependencies using BigID’s first of its kind, patent-pending machine learning, identity intelligence and smart correlation search algorithm. 

Distinguish Jill’sdata from Jim’s data

Distinguish Jill’s data from Jim’s data

Privacy regulations require knowledge of data ownership. BigID can help index and inventory PI by data subject whether person, company or other identity.

Hot or not, easily find your PII with heatmaps

Hot or not, easily find your
PI with heatmaps

Quickly detect possible PI in data stores to streamline data migration to cloud, monitor dev environments for personal data pollution or focus investigations.

Search simultaneously across structured & unstructured repositories

Agentless Search across structured, unstructured, Big Data & Cloud

Scan and correlate data across all on-prem & cloud data stores without agent complexity including Mainframe, Hadoop, Hive, NetApp, Teradata, RDBMS, Salesforce, SAP, S3, Outlook, O365, GSuite and dozens of others pre-built no-agent connections.

Data maps from data science, not data recollections

Data maps from data science,
not data recollections

Today data maps are generated through interviews and surveys. BigID brings data mapping into the 21st century by collecting the information directly from your IT environment and applications.

DeRisk with data Intelligence

DeRisk with data Intelligence

Get a 360 view of your customer data. Quickly identify potential risks proactively based on industry standards or metrics you define, and get actionable recommendations for risk reduction.

DeRisk with data Intelligence
Analyze in your own words

Analyze in your own words

Use natural language to query and build reports in BigID. No SQL or JSON knowledge required.

Analyze in your own words
Your datacenter or your cloud

Your datacenter or your cloud

Easily deploy inside your own datacenter or fully automated inside AWS, MS Azure or Google Compute Engine clouds.

APIs everywhere

Open APIs & Pre-wired Apps

Access BigID operations programmatically, virtualize PI data or simplify integration with GRC, DLP, DRM, DAM and Anonymization.

Custom Compliance Policies and Alerting

Build data residency and flow policies and alert notifications.

Prioritize Risk with Data Access Insights

Identify which employees and applications have unauthorized access to sensitive personal information to stop data overexposure, mitigate insider threat, and meet privacy and security regulations like NYCRR, SOX, CCPA, and EU GDPR.

End-to-end Subject Access Request and Fulfillment

Automate GDPR & CCPA SAR requests and automate fulfillment across enterprise applications and data stores.

Orchestrate Azure Information Protection actions and BigID insights

Seamlessly propagate BigID file labeling to Azure Information Protection policy console to enable privacy compliance actions and gain consolidated visibility into personal data stored on-premise and in the cloud.

Search simultaneously across structured & unstructured repositories

Integrate Proof of Consent in Data Subject Reports

Leverage consent correlation and identity intelligence to integrate proof of consent into Data Subject Access Requests, including when and how consent was collected. 

Monitor Data Changes Across DevOps

Monitor code commits in a CI build process for new PI / PII collection to ensure data privacy and security compliance.