Fix Access Rights Violations at Scale With Access Intelligence Remediation

Today’s data environments continue to present new challenges. Sensitive data is proliferating throughout the environment as the reliance on cloud models continues to expand. Understanding where this sensitive data lives and its accessibility can be complicated. Remediating access issues with certainty can even be more painstaking. it’s why we’ve developed Access Intelligence Remediation – be … Continued

Data Intelligence Enrichment: The Mainstay of Security

With the ever changing threat landscape, the Security industry has leveraged Threat Intelligence data and research to enrich telemetry collected from various sensors. We have taken the step to learn about the adversary and understand their tactics, techniques and procedures in an effort to provide precision, detection, and alerting mechanisms. Over the last several years … Continued

What Is DLP and What Lies Ahead?

Defining DLP Data loss prevention (DLP), is a security strategy that allows organizations to control how their sensitive data can be shared across their networks and various endpoint devices. DLP tools identify, monitor and protect data in use (data in motion), at rest (data not being actively used) or in process (data being stored or … Continued

How to Protect Data in AWS S3

S3 object store has become a popular foundation for storing unstructured documents and mixed file types with elastic scale. However, like with any wide and deep data lake, it creates unique data security challenges and risks that require different mechanisms to address. Identifying Sensitive Data in S3 Measuring data risk inside S3 begins with accurately … Continued

Spotlight on Machine Learning: How Differentiated ML Capabilities Transform Data Management

AI and ML can address underlying challenges to compliance, classification, and data insight, and shift the paradigm for data security, data privacy, and data management. BigID leverages ML and AI across the platform, accelerating accuracy, insight, and time to value with minimal human resources, less error, and more actionability. By weaving ML capabilities across discovery, … Continued

From Truth to Trust: How to Maximize the Value of Your Data

Like the best relationships, data interactions are built on trust and truth. Over the past few decades, the number of applications and data has rapidly increased, causing many organizations to seek a “single source of truth”(SSOT). At first, the goal of copying and moving data into a single system of truth seemed attainable. However, today … Continued

13 Ways to Automate Privacy to Consistently Meet Compliance

This is part two of a series that focuses on how to use automation to improve agility and accelerate data initiatives. From the start, data privacy automation has been the heart of BigID. This is because we know the daily pressures of managing and securing data in complex regulatory environments. According to Gartner, government regulations … Continued

BigID + Databricks: Unleash the Value of Your Data in the Cloud

As organizations are adopting modern lakehouse data platforms for data engineering, analysis, and collaboration across teams, sensitive data is making its way into data lakes, making the discovery and management of that data more important than ever. Data teams need to know what data they have, where it is, and what it is. They need … Continued

6 Ways to Add Automation to Data Discovery

This is part one of a series that focuses on how to use  automation to improve agility and accelerate data initiatives  Automation has been part of BigID’s DNA since the very beginning. We understand the pressure you face every day to manage and secure your infrastructure, assets, networks, data, and more – completely and confidently. … Continued

Automated & Actionable Data Risk Reports for Management

Continually monitoring and assessing risk with respect to your data can be hard. Translating data-at-risk into a formalized, informative report for executive management can be even harder. According to a recent State of Data Security 2022 Report, just 8%  of organizations can confidently find all of their sensitive or critical data across their environment. It’s … Continued

Draft Bill: American Data Privacy and Protection Act

A draft of a bipartisan federal comprehensive privacy bill was published on Friday, June 3rd. The proposed bill — entitled the “American Data Privacy and Protection Act”— would “provide consumers with foundational privacy rights, create strong oversight mechanisms, and establish meaningful enforcement.” The proposed bill contains a slew of definitions, which include a number of … Continued