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Automating DAta Protection & Compliance For GDPR

GDPR obligates corporations to become better stewards of customer and employee data. Learn how new data protection, governance and privacy technology can help organizations operationalize requirements around data subject access, consent, breach notification, privacy risk and data mapping.
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What It Covered:

  • Understand EU Commission Goals With GDPR Data Protection Rights
  • Get A Regulator’s Perspective on Compliance, Documentation and Reporting
  • Hear From A Leading Global Law Firm on Corporate Responsibilities Under GDPR
  • Hear What Leading Data Protection & Governance Vendors Are Introducing To Automate GDPR Compliance

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Paul Nemitz

Principle Advisor

European Commission Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers

Gaston Gautreneau

IT Expert | Technology Experts Department

CNIL, Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés

Cindy E. Compert

CTO, Data Security & Privacy

IBM Security

Nimrod Vax

Chief Product Officer, Cofounder


Prof. dr. Patrick Van Eecke

Partner & Global Co-Chair Data Protection, Privacy and Security Practice

DLA Piper

The Big Idea

GDPR introduces a number of obligations for organizations around protecting their customer and employee data under penalties that can reach 4% of global revenue. Demonstrating compliance around data privacy impact, data subject rights or consent encourages new thinking around privacy operationalization. However meeting the corollary citizen data rights around data subject access, data portability or data erasure are near impossible without a new kind of technology driven automation.

This BigID Webinar panel featuring leading thinkers in drafting the GDPR, enforcing GDPR, corporate advisory and privacy technology that will examine the motivations behind GDPR, regulatory expectations for GDPR and opportunities to operationalize privacy and data protection to both demonstrate compliance and satisfy individual data subject rights.

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About BigID

BigID provides enterprise software for managing and protecting customer and employee data in the data center or cloud. BigID’s personal data protection, governance and privacy technology combines machine learning and identity intelligence to help organizations secure personal data and meet new privacy regulations like GDPR. The BigID software automates identity data discovery, inventory by data subject, data flow mapping, risk analysis and privacy compliance.

For privacy professionals, BigID simplifies compliance with several GDPR requirements, including data subject rights management, consent tracking, DPIA data flow mapping and breach notification.

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