Privacy in Perspective

Join EY and BigID for an in-depth look at lessons learned and best practices two years into GDPR.

Since the introduction of GDPR two years ago and CCPA six months ago, data privacy has taken the spotlight as organizations try to tackle the practical repercussions for sustainable compliance and how to scale and automate operations to address the requirements across a large number of disparate data sources.

With the risk of both compliance penalties and consumer dissatisfaction if they’re unable to effectively and timely fulfill access and deletion requests, organizations need a foundation in place to accurately and continuously discover, classify, and map personal and sensitive information.

Join us for an in-depth look at lessons learned so far from GDPR and CCPA, where we’ll explore:

– Legislation and enforcement trends two years after GDPR came into effect
– What are the best practices to prepare for CCPA, and key considerations?
– How did organizations prioritize compliance use cases and define system scope?
– How to minimize compliance violations and business risk with end-to-end data workflows
– Subject access rights in practice
– Requirements for data access rights and data deletion requests under CCPA
– What is the path toward full automation for data subject requests?
– How can organizations incorporate Opt out Management and Governance?
– How to extend privacy compliance investments to achieve data governance objectives?

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