Data Labeling

Protecting sensitive data is a defining imperative for information security programs. However, effective data protection enforcement relies on continuous insight, visibility, and understanding of the data in context.

BigID enables smarter, more accurate and automated policy enforcement decisions – helping customers to both optimize their investments and address new privacy requirements.

BigID generates an inventory across enterprise data sources – structured, unstructured, cloud and Big Data – that customers can query and search in order to apply labels and tags. These data object labels and data value tags can be easily consumed by enforcement points like data loss prevention gateways or information rights management for actionable intelligence.

Data MappingML driven data classification

BigID classification leverages machine learning to understand relationships between data values – not just metadata – across all data source types

Tracking ConsentAutomated vs Manual tagging

Automatically apply policy and attribute labeling and tagging across the data inventory with high accuracy – no user or admin input required

Consent Compliance Azure Information Protection Ready

Pre-built Microsoft Azure Information Protection integration for personal data findings and policy orchestration via Microsoft labeling framework

Smarter Security Enforcement

Improve accuracy of enforcement decisions, and take actions based on granular insights into on found data

Simplified GDPR & Privacy Protection

Use labels and sub-labels for GDPR-related policies – data subject, residency & risk –  and streamline breach notification

Cloud, On-Prem, and Hybrid

Can be deployed in Azure, AWS, SAP Cloud, Elastic pools, on-prem or a hybrid architecture – minimizing data transfers across jurisdictions.