Privacy-Aware Risk Management for the Public Sector

In today’s government, data is a mission critical asset in policy making, constituent management, and decision support. With the massive increase in data volumes, data types, and multi-cloud/hybrid-cloud environments, it is now more important than ever for agencies to have a full understating of their data. This increase in data also exposes agencies to greater security risk, privacy considerations, and a requirement for more a comprehensive approach to data privacy, governance, and compliance.
In the recent ServiceNow Rome software platform release, ServiceNow introduced a new Privacy Management application that helps organizations proactively manage risk and assists customers in complying with their data management requirements.
Join BigID and ServiceNow as we explore Privacy Management, and how BigID AI powered advanced data discovery and classification accelerates an organization’s ability to effectively mitigate risk.

This webinar will:

  • Discuss current Government trends and challenges around data privacy, governance, and risk
  • Introduce the ServiceNow Privacy Management application
  • Discuss why in-depth data discovery and classification is critical to any successful data management effort
  • Introduce the BigID data intelligence platform and its applicability across privacy, governance, and risk