Sub-processors for BigID & BigID Affiliates


To support the Service delivery, BigID (or one of its Affiliates) may engage third-party services providers, referred to as Sub-processors. This page provides the name, purpose and location for each Sub-processor. Please refer to our BigID Privacy Notice for more information.

What is a Third Party Sub-processor

A Sub-processor is a service provider BigID uses to process data on behalf of our customers, who are the data controllers of that data.

BigID’s Process for Contracting with Sub-processors

BigID requires its Sub-processors to satisfy at least equivalent obligations as those required from BigID (in our capacity as a Data Processors) as outlined in BigID’s Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

BigID’s Sub-processors provide services such as infrastructure, data storage, system logging services and other tools that facilitate the delivery of our Services. As part of BigID’s commitment to keep our customers’ data secure, we evaluate our Subprocessor’s privacy and security practices prior to engaging them. We also require our Sub-processors to enter into data processing agreements to maintain the confidentiality of our customers’ data and perform their obligations in accordance with applicable privacy laws.


Entity Name Sub-processing Activity Entity Location Contact Information More Information
Atlassian/Jira Bug Tracking Ireland [email protected]; [email protected] Privacy Policy
Auth0 Authentication and Authorization Services for Applications US [email protected] Privacy Policy
AWS Cloud Infrastructure US/EU Privacy Policy
Cloudflare Web Application Firewall US [email protected]; [email protected] Privacy Policy
Datadog Monitoring and Alerting US [email protected] Privacy Policy
Elasticsearch Search Functionality US [email protected]; [email protected] Privacy Policy
HubSpot Marketing Automation US [email protected] Privacy Policy
Looker Business Intelligence and Embedded Analytics US [email protected] Privacy Policy
Okta Security and Authentication Services US [email protected] Privacy Policy
MongoDB Data Storage US [email protected] Privacy Policy
New Relic Cloud Performance Monitoring US [email protected]; [email protected] Privacy Policy
Salesforce Customer Support US [email protected]; [email protected] Privacy Policy
Sendgrid Transactional Email US [email protected] Privacy Policy Data Source Connector Service Provider US [email protected] Privacy Policy



Depending on the geographic location of a Customer, and the nature of the Services provided, BigID may also engage one or more of its Affiliates as Sub-processors to deliver some or all of the Services provided to a Customer.

Corporate Entity Country
BigID Ltd Israel
BigID SARL France
BigID CH Gmbh Switzerland
BigID PTE Ltd Singapore
BigID AB Sweden
BigID AU PTE Ltd Australia
BigID Portugal LDA Portugal



As our business grows and evolves, the Sub-processors that we engage may also change. We will endeavor to provide our Customers with notice of any new Sub-processors to the extent required under the Agreement, along with posting such updates here. Please continue to check this page for updates.

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