Should companies build or buy when trying to find the right data management platform for privacy, security, and governance?

There are several things to consider: cost — both direct and indirect, including the labor and expertise required to build the right type of scalable solution — as well as speed, coverage, context, time to value, ease of use, and more.

Choosing “buy” over “build” gives companies a distinct set of advantages — and ensures that they avoid common pitfalls. These advantages include:

1. Patented Research, Technology, and Innovation

Data that companies collect rarely comes in a neat little package. It’s complex, multifaceted, and often extremely difficult to relate to an individual, profile, or other sets of associated data. Once companies find all their data, they need sophisticated systems that can manage that data: from scanning to classification to analysis, adding context and insight.

Years of research, data science, and innovation have gone into developing BigID’s ML-driven data intelligence platform. Customers can leverage patented and innovative techniques to scan data faster and more accurately, identify related data, reduce false positives, and add meaningful business context to all your data — everywhere, no matter where it lives.

The Result — Deeper discovery and richer context. Patented algorithms for ML-augmentation across classification, catalog, correlation, dataset and document clustering, confidence scoring, hyperscanning of unstructured data, and more come out of the box and ready to use.

2. Out-of-the-box Connectors

With built-in connectors for the data you need, BigID helps organizations discover, classify, and catalog data across all types and sources, in any language, at petabyte scale. BigID supports on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments for data at rest and data in motion — including legacy file server formats like SMB, NFS, CIFS, SharePoint, and Exchange, as well as modern platforms like Box, Google Drive, O365, Amazon S3, Azure File, HDFS, Snowflake, Outlook, Gmail, Slack, Kafka, Kinesis, and more.

The Result — Full coverage in a single pane of glass. With BigID’s out-of-the-box connectors, organizations can scan structured and unstructured data, Big Data, cloud, and apps with one tool.

3. Tried and Tested Deployment

BigID can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud, requires no agents, and is built on modern architecture — all of which is extremely cost-efficient. BigID optimizes and distributes workloads and does not copy data.

The Result — Efficiency and extensibility. BigID comes equipped to scale across the enterprise — pre-installed, ready for deployment, and easily extended for future integrations.

4. Advanced Scanning Methods

Scaling a data platform involves bringing unstructured data together with structured sources so businesses can create a complete inventory of their data assets. BigID’s scans are self-healing and equipped with native controls to stop, start, suspend, and resume either manually or based on automatic triggers – designed to be non-disruptive with fast time to value.

The Result — Speed and full visibility. Unlock the ability to discover sensitive, personal, and critical data faster and at scale.

5. Dedicated R&D

Enterprises looking to create an in-house data solution will find that it takes longer to build a team of experts, acquire budget and resources, and test and scale a new technology product. It is more cost-effective to purchase a solution that has already invested in R&D, with added benefits of staying ahead of the evolving regulatory landscape, adapting to the new tech stack, and continuing to innovate.

The Result — Cost-efficiency and time to value. Organizations that invest in BigID not only invest in the technology but the dedicated time that goes into it — and they can leverage the gains and benefits much faster.

6. Team Training and Stateless Updates

Building new technology requires dedicated, ongoing expertise and a commitment to hire new talent and resources to replicate technologies that are already out there. BigID equips organizations with services and support so they can deploy, maintain, and grow an extensible, future-forward, and scalable data solution across the enterprise.

The Result — Ease of use. BigID’s services and support teams have industry-leading expertise to help customers succeed.

The Big Picture

For data privacy, security, and governance solutions, it’s more effective and cost-efficient to invest in automated, AI-driven technology with years of expertise, R&D, and innovation built into it.

BigID’s data intelligence platform has already factored regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and methods of deriving insights from data into a framework that enables real business value. In-house solutions come with oversights and liabilities that hamper innovation and may introduce unnecessary risk.

See how BigID’s data intelligence platform can reduce cost, accelerate time to value, and help reduce risk across your data environment with a 1:1 demo with our data management experts.