Know Your Data in Kinesis

Discover sensitive and personal data in Kinesis

How Kinesis and BigID Work Together

Monitor sensitive data in motion on AWS Kinesis with BigID.

Discover and classify data in motion, integrate consumer consent correlation across data streaming platforms, and extend privacy insight to high-speed data pipelines.

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Benefits of Kinesis



Able to handle a very large amount of data and process it from many sources.



Processes streaming data in real time to derive insight in seconds or minutes.


Managed Infrastructure

A fully managed infrastructure runs streaming applications.

About Kinesis

Kinesis is an Amazon Web Service (AWS) for processing big data in real time. Kinesis is capable of processing hundreds of terabytes per hour from high volumes of streaming data. The data can come from sources such as operating logs, financial transactions, and social media feeds. Kinesis Analytics allows you to perform SQL-like queries on data.