BigID Data Security and Management for Snowflake

Automatically discover, tag, and protect your data in Snowflake

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Increase Data Value. Reduce Data Risk. Enable Collaboration.

  • Discover and Classify Data in Snowflake

    Automatically create an inventory to discover and classify all data and identify data that requires protection.

  • Accelerate Security Operations

    Connected App uses the speed and performance of Snowflake to analyze BigID findings for enriched security awareness and action.

  • Mask Data Automatically

    Apply native dynamic data masking with role-based access control (RBAC) and attribute-based access control (ABAC) to automatically tell Snowflake what to mask.

  • Privacy-Aware Data Sharing

    Collaborate and share data in Snowflake with BigID privacy-awareness and data protection.

BigID & Snowflake Horizon Blog

BigID and Snowflake Horizon

Seamlessly combine BigID’s AI-automated data visibility and control with Snowflake Horizon’s data management framework for a comprehensive and cohesive approach toward strengthening your data security, privacy, and compliance initiatives.

De-risk Cloud Data Migration

Confidently move high-value data sets to Snowflake with reduced risk because BigID provides visibility and control over sensitive data

Enable Self-Service Analytics

Empower data teams to migrate data sets for experiments while maintaining control to identify sensitive data and eliminate excess clones

Protect High-Value Data

Identify and classify high-value, sensitive data and tell Snowflake what to mask to trigger native dynamic data masking

Manage Data Lifecycle

Set and manage data retention policies on the age of data in Snowflake and take action to eliminate expired data, identify duplicate data for deletion, and save data for legal holds

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