Know Your Data in Snowflake

Automatically discover, classify, and correlate your personal and sensitive data in Snowflake

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Data Governance for Snowflake

  • Discover Data in Snowflake

    Automatically create an inventory to discover all data and identify data that requires protection.

  • Scale Classification & Context

    Tag data objects with context and sensitivity classification to know what the data is in Snowflake.

  • Dynamic Data Masking

    Apply dynamic data masking with role-based access control (RBAC) to enable data usage while protecting high-value data.

  • Privacy-Aware Data Sharing

    Collaborate and share data in Snowflake with BigID privacy-awareness and data protection.

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BigID and Snowflake

Automatically scan Snowflake with BigID for a complete inventory with intelligence to Know Your Data and repeat for a current view as data changes.

Add Value to Data

Apply classification and context at scale for deep insight so that Snowflake users know what the data means to choose the best data for analysis.

Protect High-Value Data

Identify and classify high-value, sensitive data and apply role-based access control for dynamic data masking

Manage Data Lifecycle

Data Retention applies retention policies across all data to ensure that data in Snowflake is current and compliant with data retention policies and regulations.

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