Critical Classification Capabilities


Not All Classification is Created Equal.

Learn about BigID’s Next-Generation Data Classification, Built for Today’s Data Landscape.


Data Classification Reimagined

Modern Data Landscape Coverage
All Structured Data
Data Lakes & Warehouses
Files & Docs
Mail & Messaging
Data Pipelines
Next-Gen Classification Technology
Pattern based Discovery
ML-based NLP and NER
AI-focused Deep Learning
Fuzzy classification to identify duplicate and similar data
Graph based analysis
Classification Where You Need It
Data fields in databases & warehouses
Data elements in docs and PDFs
Data strings in mail and messages
Sensitive data in images
Unstructured data, AVRO, and Parquet
Column metadata
PII & contextual PI
PHI & HIPAA data
NPI data
Permutations of customer IDs
Credentials, passwords, and API keys
Entire documents
Customizable Classification
Sensitivity to balance false positives with false negatives
Ability to turn reference data into classifiers
ML based supervised learning for expert tuning
Inclusion / exclusion controls for databases and data stores
Workflow and collaboration capabilities
Classification for Governance
Integrates with metadata metadata catalog like BigID
Metadata exchange with Collibra
Metadata exchange with Informatica EDC
Metadata exchange with Alation
Metadata exchange with SAP
Metadata exchange with ASG
Find PII & PI
Build and maintain a personal data inventory
Map data flows for GDPR RoPA and CCPA data sharing
Find all data connected to a data subject identity
Automate data access and deletion rights
Take Action for Security
Remediate data
Encrypt data
Automatically archive or delete data
Manage retention and data aging
Dynamic data masking
Integrate with DLP
Low Cost of Ownership
Avoid agents which are hard to implement and maintain
Make updates stateless and low impact
Leverage ML and automation
Provide deployment optionality from docker to VM
Leverage enterprise infrastructure like password vaults, kubernetes, AD / Okta
Make scans customizable, resilient and self-healing
Deployment options for on-prem and cloud
Hyperscan to accelerate unstructured scanning
MegaScale for scanning data lakes and warehouses
Dynamic lateral scale-out and scan splitting

Next-Gen Classification

Re-imagine data classification for today’s modern data landscape: BigID’s data classification is purpose-built for all types of data – everywhere, to scale for enterprise environments.

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