Security and privacy teams are under increased pressure to correlate insight into personal information with access risk to ensure compliance with data access oriented regulations such as NY DFS Cybersecurity Regulation (NYCRR), SOX, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and EU GDPR.

Using BigID Access Intelligence, organizations can know whether sensitive, personal data is overexposed across their data centers and cloud services, obtain risk insight based on how personal data is used and who and what can access it to prioritize risk mitigation efforts.

Integrate data intelligence with access intelligence

Deliver consolidated view of which personal information data objects have open access

Drive action to high risk access scenariosReduce data access risk

Enable security teams to easily identify privacy risk via an Access Intelligence Dashboard

Minimize open access to personal information

Protect personal information

Maintain proactive programs to identify and protect sensitive data with open access

Operationalize Continuous ComplianceFind overexposed data across the cloud And data center

Extend access intelligence across cloud storage, file servers, and structured data sources

Manage privacy risk

Deliver up-to-date insights on open access for security teams responsible for privacy protection