Microsoft Information Protection & BigID

Extend Data Protection & Privacy with BigID

Microsoft Information Protection with BigID

BigID integrates with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to extend native data protection and labeling capabilities into privacy protection and compliance. Our MIP integration leverages a consolidated approach to data discovery and classification, so that organizations can automatically apply data protection policies – and take action based on deep insight into customer data.


Automate data insight & policy orchestration

Automatically scan and classify sensitive data across the enterprise to enhance, extend, and drive enforcement accuracy for existing MIP policies



Enhance labeling accuracy & automation

Identify and label sensitive data that conventional classification and native discovery solutions missed or mislabeled. Automatically scan and classify data based on defined MIP labels



Enable Consistent Cross-Platform Enforcement

Leverage BigID cross platform data intelligence surfaced via labeling for enforcement across on-prem & cloud, Exchange & OneDrive and third- party apps  


Drive Actionable Enforcement Intelligence

Enable policy orchestration and automated enforcement based on ML driven classification . Drive business owner remediation actions 


Extend to Privacy-Aware Information Protection Automation

Correlate labeled and sensitive data with data subjects and owners for additional context for enforcement and compliance


Maintain ongoing discovery across hybrid environments

Support consolidated discovery in hybrid architecture, with scanners deployed in Azure, Elastic pools and on-premise