ML Driven Data Classification

Data Classification Re-imagined for the Modern Data Landscape

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Built for the Enterprise Environment

BigID’s data classification is purpose-built for all types of data – everywhere: from structured to unstructured; files and documents; mail and images; data at-rest and data in-motion.


Deep Learning and NLP

Automatically classify more types of data in more places: regular expression is just the start.

Get next-gen classification with BigID that leverages not just pattern based discovery, but ML classification based on NLP and NER, AI insight based on deep learning, and patented file analysis classification.

Fuzzy Classification

Identify similar, duplicate, and redundant data with fuzzy classification for a layered classification and discovery approach.

Classify by category, type, and sensitivity – and identify high-risk data more accurately.

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Graph based Analysis

Leverage graph based analysis to identify related data, automatically discover dark data, and surface relationships between disparate points of sensitive, regulated, & personal data.

Inventory related data and discover hidden relationships, miscategorized data, and more. Use BigID’s advanced ML for fewer false positives, improved accuracy, and faster time to value.

Classify All Sensitive Data, Everywhere

BigID’s advanced data classification automatically finds, identifies, and classifies regulated data like PCI and HIPAA, personal data including PII and contextual PI, NPI data, credentials, passwords, and security keys, IP data, and document types.

Automatically Classify Data According to Sensitivity

Automatically classify data according to sensitivity using predefined or customized rule sets. Take remedial actions across other apps and tools and implement policies for better data control to mitigate risk.

Custom and OOB Classifiers

Get hundreds of classifiers out-of-the box: from regulated data types to security classifiers to data privacy regulations.

Create your own classifiers to fit with your business needs, and easily apply them across all your data – on-prem and in the cloud.

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Classification At Scale

Scale classification with a dynamic approach for your enterprise environment: scan the way that makes sense for your business – prioritizing sensitive data first, with simple classifier builders, exclusion / inclusion ranges in data stores, and metadata, physical, and document data all at one time.

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