Find All Personal Data For Every Customer & Employee

The problem of discovering Identity information is not new. However, traditional Classification Based solutions lack Identity-awareness essential for Satisfying GDPR Data Subject Access, Portability & Erasure Rights.

BigID takes a new machine learning based approach to personal data discovery that is focused on personal information and that leverages identity intelligence and machine learning to deliver an accurate and scalable method focused on personal data, satisfies privacy requirements, and leverages Big Data technologies to achieve scale:

Get Beyond DLP Limitations

Fast time to valueFast time to value

Avoid the hassle of having to

code complex & error-prone regular expressions.

Reduced False PositivesEliminate False Positives

97% + accuracy for finding and inventorying all the data belonging to an individual.

BigData Scale

Petabyte Scale

Find identity data at scale across structured, unstructured, big data and cloud.

Structured and UnstructuredStructured and Unstructured

Leverage machine learning to accurately discover, identify and catalogue PI / PII in all data independent of language.

Satisfy Privacy RegulationsInventory by person

Build a PI/PII inventory for identity subjects that satisfy GDPR right to access, right to erasure, and portability.