Data governance is broken.

For far too long, data teams have struggled to maintain data context and curation with limited resources and vision. Data stewards spend too much time on manual foundational tasks, and governance processes haven’t evolved to effectively manage the dramatic scale and scope of new data sources, types, and siloes.

Only organizations that evolve their archaic data governance practices will be able to emerge as industry leaders.

It’s time to take a different approach. Instead of relying on top-down management processes, let your data define governance priorities. Reimagine your governance approach to lead with the data, and apply ML and deep data insight to automate manual processes, get to value faster, and improve accuracy across your governance programs. Transform data stewards from manual data processors to insight wizards, with the power to validate insights for scalable governance.

BigID Data Governance Suite is Built For Today’s & Tomorrow’s Governance Use Cases

BigID is the only solution that enables organizations to connect to all data in a single view, use ML to discover insights, apply context, and take action on data for privacy, security, and governance.

A Modern Data Intelligence Platform

BigID is a modern data intelligence platform. Different from traditional solutions constrained by outdated or pieced-together legacy infrastructure, BigID provides a modern end-to-end data governance suite driven by a deep data discovery foundation. Data governance begins with BigID automation and machine learning for deep data discovery, optimized for cloud or on-prem, connected to any data, anywhere, in any shape or form. The flexible, easy-to-use platform integrates with other business-critical solutions and provides data teams with a complete data governance solution to discover insights and take action on data.

Transform Stewardship with a Data-Led Approach

Traditional governance programs require stewards to apply processes through manual procedures. BigID governance starts with the data. Discover the data in your organization and set appropriate guidelines and policies to responsibly govern and maximize the value of your data assets. Transform data stewardship from tedious tasks like making manual connections and documenting context. Instead, lead with data discovery for stewards to validate machine learning findings for more accurate and scalable governance.

BigID Data Governance Suite

Discovering data through a smart foundation is essential. Taking action through integrated apps provides even more value. BigID’s Data Governance Suite offers a seamless, integrated workflow from Discovery to Action to deliver powerful results. The integrated platform and apps enhance Productivity with the Data Stewardship App, Accuracy with the Data Quality App, and Efficiency with an advanced Business Glossary.

Data Stewardship App: Productivity

Stop spending time creating and defining glossary terms, manually tagging and classifying data, chasing data owners, and managing data quality and data rules.

BigID’s Data Stewardship App is powered by BigID ML to change Data Stewards’ focus from manual documentation processes to validation and action. Get more value faster by validating findings and adding context with BigID recommendations. Data Stewards are empowered to trigger workflows for remediation, assign owners, track audit requests, all from a single view control station.



Data Quality App: Accuracy

A scalable solution to calculate Data Quality scores, search and view data quality across attributes, define rules to measure DQ for discovered data

Data quality rules are generally set, run, and monitored individually for each system and often require an IT resource to program the data quality rules. BigID allows data quality rules to be set in a central control station by a BigID admin, without needing IT resources for each adjustment, and then apply the rules to multiple systems to manage all data with consistent data quality rules. Data teams benefit from the flexibility to add or update rules, and define rules that are attached to discovered data. BigID’s Data Quality App is deeply integrated with the BigID platform to apply a Data Quality score with data context, calculate a DQ score for each attribute, and search and view data quality scores across attributes, for example to keep an eye on all employee data.



Business Glossary: Efficiency

An Integrated business glossary with automated discovery and mapping.

Most Business Glossaries require a data steward to manually enter and define the terms and connect the glossary terms to physical data. BigID increases efficiency to set up a new business glossary, adopt a business glossary from an established source, or maintain an active business glossary. BigID’s Business Glossary is deeply integrated with BigID’s Discovery Foundation and Data Stewardship App to auto-discover terms, suggest definitions, and connect business glossary terms to physical data. The open ecosystem allows BigID to integrate with other business glossaries that may already be established in the organization and ingest terms for classification.



BigID is the complete end-to-end solution for data governance reimagined.

  • Deploy powerful Classification, Correlation, Cluster Analysis, and Catalog to build a discovery foundation.
  • Apply advanced machine learning and automation for deeper insight and scalability.
  • Extend functionality with data governance suite to take action for productivity, accuracy, and efficiency – including apps for data stewardship, data quality, data glossary, and more
  • Benefit from data-led governance integrated with privacy and security to get value faster.

Contact us for a 1:1 demo to see Data Governance in action and learn how to apply the integrated Data Governance Suite of Apps and Discovery Foundation to achieve your data governance goals.