In a data-driven culture, it’s difficult to continually generate insights and analysis through business intelligence tools as the data environment becomes more and more complex. Within the data analytics ecosystem, data quality and integrity are often the main pain points as the amount of data sources increases, unstructured data is becoming more common, and tech stacks become more complex.

Many companies still manually perform lineage tracing and data quality checks to guarantee that data is accurate and trustworthy: in today’s world, that’s not scalable. Data teams are turning to machine learning (ML) and automation to simplify and scale manual tasks, gain deep (and contextual) knowledge of their data, and identify and prevent inaccurate, missing, or erroneous data.

BigID’s data intelligence platform helps address these data governance challenges at scale:

  1. A foundation of data discovery enables organizations to know their data and get value from it – with unmatched data coverage from unstructured to structured. Leveraging patented ML and AI, BigID automatically identifies, classifies, and catalogs critical, sensitive, and regulated data across the enterprise.
  2. Find the highest quality data to drive business insights and boost the adoption of any business intelligence project. With data quality insights, BigID ensures that data consumers are better positioned to make the best use of the data that is available to them, with more trust and assurance.
  3. A platform approach helps solve data issues with no downtime. The data lineage capability provides a map of how data is flowing and changing across the data lifecycle, keeping visibility on how changes in data pipelines affect downstream sources, analytics, and business intelligence insights.

ML-based discovery-in-depth

BigID applies advanced ML in data discovery so that organizations can get a deep insight into what and whose data they collect, process, and share – across any data, structured and unstructured, in the data center or cloud and at rest or in motion. Through the first-of-its-kind data discovery foundation, BigID provides powerful ML-based capabilities – to help BI tools to have more information about their data – including uncovering relationships between connected datasets to discern similar and related attributes

  • Catalog: BigID automatically discovers, inventory, profiles, tags and creates semantic relationships between distributed and siloed data assets, with broad data coverage. It incorporates in a single view technical, business, and operational metadata with business terms, across both structured and unstructured, to provide more context around the data.
  • Classification: Classify data by type, identity, attributes, patterns, category, & policy. BigID goes beyond RegEx and applies multiple classification techniques to better identify and classify enterprise data, leveraging NLP and deep learning for automated intelligence to identify, infer, and analyze a more extensive set of attributes.
  • Cluster Analysis: Unsupervised machine learning techniques that automatically classify at scale large data volumes, uncover duplicate and similar data and provide insight and understanding across datasets. Cluster analysis allows users to quickly identify hidden patterns in unstructured & structured data, and accurately identify high quality, critical, sensitive, and regulated data by content, category, and type.
  • Correlation: BigID builds a graph of connected or relevant data, a model that can not only match similar data within the same class based on ML analysis but also match connected data of different classes based on relevancy and connectedness. BigID finds critical data and correlates it back to a person or entity, identifies data relationships, entities, dark data, inferred data, and associated sensitive data.

Trustworthy Data

To guarantee trust and adoption of any business intelligence report and dashboard, the use of correct and meaningful data is critical. With broad data coverage and ML-based discovery-in-depth capabilities, BigID provides 360° data quality insights by business entities and data sources to monitor and alert for issues in your data.

BigID can analyze multiple dimensions like Patterns and Outliers across diverse structured and unstructured datasets to give users insight into the quality of data through quality scores. It allows users to actively monitor the consistency, accuracy, completeness, and validity of their data to ultimately make critical decisions with trustworthy data.

Data Lineage Visibility

BigID helps surface how the data it’s being ingested, stored, aggregated, used, and connected across data sets. The platform allows customers to trace object-level lineage across the entire data lifecycle, facilitating greater visibility into the health of their data pipelines and the insights those pipelines deliver. Users can quickly identify if any dashboard is missing a data set or erroneous data needs to be fixed, know exactly what and where to fix, and what’s the impact of any change made to the correctness of dependent data assets or objects.

With ML-based data discovery, BigID automatically gives organizations visibility across key features of their data including data quality, lineage, profiling, and risk factor. BigID enables users to easily identify the highest quality data across all their landscape, monitor the completeness of that data, and track the data flow from sources to insights for a powerful and accurate business intelligence project. Using BigID, enterprises can better steward one of their most vital assets: their data.

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