Cloud nativity has emerged as one of the leading trends across the cloud security space – and it’s more important than ever to leverage cloud-native capabilities to get the most out of your cloud. When done right, cloud-native security can accelerate automation, improve efficiency, and drive faster and more accurate results across the board for everything from data security to AI Adoption.

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But what does it actually mean – what should you look for, and why does it matter?

Going cloud native means more efficiency, flexibility, automation, and more – key benefits include:

  • Scalability: Auto-scale based on demand; handle massive datasets and fluctuations in data volume with uninterrupted security, regardless of your organization’s growth.
  • Flexibility: Seamlessly integrate with your existing cloud infrastructure and eliminate the need for complex integrations and manual configurations.
  • Automation: Automating tasks like data discovery, classification and remediation frees up valuable IT resources and deploy new features faster.
  • Availability: Have backup or spare instances of critical systems, withstand outages and disasters with near-zero downtime.

Future Proof Your Data Security with BigID’s Cloud-Native Approach

Being 100% API first and agentless, BigID is powerfully built to secure the modern cloud. BigID customers can deploy applications faster, increase automation, and tap into richer data intelligence capabilities to securely optimize how data delivers value.

  • Get started in weeks, not quarters, with our lightweight, agentless architecture.
  • Seamlessly handle massive data volumes and fluctuations with scale.
  • Gain a unified view of your data across hybrid environments.
  • Leverage AI and ML for automated insights and faster remediation.

Ultimately, our cloud-native approach eliminates the struggle to secure exponential volumes of sensitive data that’s sprawling across your cloud landscape, then simplifies how data discovery, classification, and security can start driving value in weeks.

You can get BigID in three cloud flavors for DSPM and beyond, including:

  •  multi-tenant SaaS cloud,
  • single tenant cloud, and
  • Bring-Your-Cloud

Cloud-Native Capabilities With BigID

  • Automatically Discover Data Sources: BigID can automatically find all your cloud data sources like databases, file shares, and object stores. This makes connecting new data faster without having to search everywhere. Then continuously monitors when sources change. This saves time and gives you an inventory of what data exists across cloud services.
  • Powerful Scanning: BigID scans 100% of data across multiple cloud environments no matter how large datasets are. Other tools only check small samples, which misses the vulnerabilities that keep your data at risk. As data volumes grow, BigID looks in-depth to avoid missing exposed sensitive data.
  • Securing Access: Mistakes can leave cloud storage buckets and code repositories open to unauthorized access. BigID finds exposed passwords and secrets-in-code that might be publicly accessible and flags them for review. Flagging these solves security gaps before they turn into leaks and compliance failures down the road.

Cloud-Native Scanning Built To Scale

Side scanning often employs a ‘snapshot approach’ for discovering your data. However, with manual uploads, limited visibility, duplicated data, and increased costs, it’s not the ideal method of scanning your data. BigID automatically scans directly in your data environment. This approach allows for efficient remediation of violations without data duplication or security risks. Because our cloud scanner is connected directly to your data source, you get continuous visibility that’s local to the region the data is in, no matter the size or file. This ensures data sovereignty with regulatory mandates. By emphasizing local scanning, we know the scanner is right where it matters – in the customer’s environment.

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Cloud-Native Integrations for Flexibility, Scalability, and Availability

A key advantage of BigID is its expanding ecosystem of cloud-native integrations that give actionable insights derived from your data. For example, BigID offers out-of-box integrations with major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP that auto-discover data stores and inventory assets the moment you connect your cloud accounts. This eliminates the need for manually tracking data sources across cloud environments. BigID also leverages Kubernetes, Docker, and other container solutions to provide visibility into sensitive data in cloud-based application pipelines and workflows.

Accelerate Time to Value

Our new cloud-native scanner offers unified scanning across multiple cloud hosting services without data duplication. Automatic cloud data discovery inventories data stores across your cloud environment right out of the box. You gain full visibility without having to search and connect endless data silos one by one manually.

As data piles up infinitely for our customers, BigID helps accelerate high volumes of data for discovery and classification workloads to bolster security.

Stay ahead in safeguarding your most valuable asset – your data.