Data Loss Prevention (DLP) can be a critical component of modern information security strategies, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected and secure from unauthorized access or leaks. However, the rapidly evolving data landscape presents a myriad of challenges in identifying and classifying sensitive data effectively. Enter BigID.  With a cutting-edge solution that leverages patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, BigID elevates traditional and legacy DLP to unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency.

BigID’s patented AI and ML capabilities work seamlessly to discover, classify, and label sensitive information in both structured (including Snowflake) and unstructured data (including S3, email, and Office 365) – across data centers and the cloud. A few of the techniques our customers use to make DLP smarter and more accurate include: 

  1. Bloom Filters for Exact Value Matching at Scale: Bloom filters are a data structure that enables exact value matching at scale. BigID utilizes bloom filters to identify sensitive data efficiently and accurately, even in vast datasets, without sacrificing performance or speed.
  2. Graph for Finding Related PI and PII Everywhere: BigID employs graph technology to analyze relationships between data elements and track Personal Information (PI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) across various data sources. This comprehensive approach ensures that sensitive data is identified and protected, regardless of where it resides.
  3. Cluster Analysis for Fuzzy Matching of Similar and Duplicate Data: BigID’s cluster analysis capabilities enable the detection of similar and duplicate data through fuzzy matching techniques. This feature enhances DLP by identifying and classifying data that may otherwise evade traditional methods.
  4. Deep Learning for Document Categorization:BigID harnesses the power of deep learning algorithms to automatically categorize documents based on their content. This advanced technique significantly improves the accuracy of data classification, ensuring that sensitive information is properly identified and protected.
  5. Supervised Learning for Structured Pattern Match Tuning: To optimize data classification in structured data, BigID leverages supervised learning techniques. By tuning pattern matching algorithms, BigID’s solution adapts to specific data patterns, making DLP more precise and effective.

A New Era of DLP

BigID enriches DLP data findings and provides additional context for enforcement decisions, including the ability to:

  • Associate and correlate identity context to mixed DLP findings 
  • Leverage BigID identity awareness to enhance enforcement policies through file labeling
  • Assign Data Residency to flag cross-border data flows
  • Enrich DLP incidents with additional identity, sensitivity, and granular context of the data
  • Label files with identity, residency or attribute metadata to enable policy-driven enforcement 

BigID’s patented AI and ML technologies have revolutionized the way organizations approach DLP, offering enrichment, accuracy, and efficiency in knowing and protecting their sensitive data – making DLP smarter and more effective than ever before.  Want to see it in action?  Get a 1:1 demo with our security experts to learn more.