Managing and protecting your sensitive data across Snowflake can be complex. Traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions often struggle to integrate seamlessly, requiring workarounds and hindering security operations. This can leave your organization vulnerable to data breaches and out of compliance with evolving regulations.

Recognizing this challenge, BigID has partnered closely with Snowflake to enable DLP and security controls directly across Snowflake through BigID’s industry-leading data security posture management (DSPM).

BigID recognizes the importance of collaboration and interoperability across your data environment and the existing tools being used to manage them. This has especially been true with Snowflake given the volume and variety of data stored, processed, and accessed. We’ve partnered with Snowflake to help customers better manage, secure, and protect their data in various ways.

Let’s get into it!

Snowflake Across the Board

BigID is the first data security posture management (DSPM) solution provider to achieve Snowflake Ready Technology Validations for both data cataloging and data security. This signifies that BigID integrates seamlessly with Snowflake to bolster and better equip your data security and management teams. In addition, leverage BigID’s Connected Application to accelerate security analytics within the Snowflake Data Cloud for faster data risk identification and mitigation.

See BigID & Snowflake in Action

Advanced Discovery, Classification, & Context

Discover sensitive, critical, personal, regulated, and risky data across your Snowflake environment and beyond – regardless of whether your data lives. Leverage advanced context-aware discovery to identify sensitive data at scale. Preview and validate findings directly within Snowflake, ensuring accuracy and streamlining workflows. Ultimately create a dynamic data inventory within BigID that aggregates all metadata findings for rich insight.

Leverage universal classification rules and policies to classify, label, flag, and tag data across Snowflake, and beyond – including Microsoft Purview, DLP, and more – completely and consistently. Automatically classify and tag sensitive data, creating a comprehensive inventory for your Snowflake users. This deep understanding enables them to choose the best data for analysis while mitigating risks like breaches and non-compliance. Eliminate ROT and duplicate data, optimize storage costs, and empower data teams to safely migrate data sets for experiments – all while protecting your most important information.

Dynamic Data Masking & Access Control

BigID natively integrates with Snowflake for automated data masking. By identifying and classifying sensitive data, BigID automatically instructs Snowflake to apply dynamic masking, ensuring users only see the information they’re authorized to access. This not only minimizes the attack surface and reduces data risk, but also elevates DLP for Snowflake by offering a more actionable approach. Leveraging BigID, you can automate data-driven access policies, continuously mask sensitive data within Snowflake, and seamlessly integrate BigID’s classification with Snowflake’s native masking capabilities.

DSPM for Snowflake Horizon

BigID is part of the Snowflake Horizon partner ecosystem. With BigID’s pre-built integration with the Snowflake Data Cloud, automate data discovery and policy-driven data protection at scale to ensure sensitive data is secure and compliant. Snowflake Horizon offers a comprehensive solution within the Data Cloud, addressing challenges in data management by seamlessly integrating compliance, security, privacy, and access capabilities.

Enriching Data Catalogs

Seamlessly integrate with existing data catalogs including Collibra and Alation. Automatically enrich your catalog with BigID’s comprehensive discovery of technical, operational, and business metadata, including detailed tagging of sensitive data locations. By leveraging BigID’s machine learning-powered classification alongside business categories, gain a unified view of your entire data landscape – structured, unstructured, pipeline, and cloud data – ensuring complete coverage and continuous monitoring for new sensitive data to maintain compliance and optimize data management across your enterprise.

BigID’s API-first approach and open ecosystem facilitate seamless integration and enrichment with existing tools and native features across your tech stack. By bridging gaps and integrating with the ecosystem, we help enable and augment comprehensive data security, risk, privacy, and compliance workflows.

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