As hybrid models become more prevalent and organizations increasingly embrace cloud applications and services, the volume and variety of data they need to handle and safeguard has rapidly increased. Email and messaging applications are a prime example – it’s common for them to house sensitive information that if mistakenly sent to the wrong person, can result in severe repercussions.

This brings us to data labeling. Data labeling is all about discovering, classifying, and tagging data to gain a deeper understanding of its sensitivity. Data labeling is a critical pillar of data security that enables you to better manage and protect information so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

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Data Labeling Done Differently with BigID

BigID’s industry-leading platform for advanced data visibility, context, and control gives organizations an unmatched edge when it comes to labeling and tagging their data. BigID’s advanced ML and AI-based discovery and classification, establish a foundational and comprehensive data labeling strategy that’s thorough, precise, and consistent for all your sensitive data – boosting your ability to regulate and control how that information flows, especially in emails. Plus, it reinforces the investments you’ve made in your existing data loss prevention (DLP) and labeling frameworks, including Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), now known as Purview.

BigID’s Data Labeling solution comes with a range of unique, differentiated benefits that can significantly strengthen your current DLP and safeguard your email from unintended exposure:

Know Your Data with Unmatched Context

Seamlessly connect to and scan for sensitive data in any data source, regardless of its type or location – cloud or on-prem, structured and unstructured – especially across email applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. BigID’s Data Labeling solution is powered with advanced, ML and NLP-based classification, delivering exceptional accuracy and scalability to precisely classify the content of emails down to the finest details.

Standardize Labeling for Consistency

Label emails based on a standardized, unified data classification ruleset, across all of your email applications – whether that’s in Outlook, Gmail, or beyond – for consistency and accuracy.

BigID is the industry’s first data catalog to fully integrate with Microsoft Purview Labeling (formerly known as Microsoft Information Protection) capabilities with bi-directional synchronization. Leverage BigID’s in-depth discovery and ML-based classification to accurately set Purview labels on emails — and then have those labels appear within the BigID data catalog by importing them. Label unknown emails that might have otherwise been unclassified with Purview to mitigate gaps in visibility and control. Trigger the same labels to apply to similar files across other disparate data environments, such as AWS Lake Formation or Google Drive’s labeling framework.

Safeguard Your Data in Purview

Empower Your DLP for Better Enforcement

Integrate with and enrich native DLP and labeling frameworks across cloud platforms, including Microsoft, GCP, and AWS. By standardizing and centralizing data classification and labeling rules and frameworks within BigID, establish a single source of truth around the state of all sensitive information across the environment with corresponding labels. Enforce the same governance rules and policies across existing DLP tools covering disparate environments to ensure that personal, confidential, or high-risk data is protected no matter where it sits. Empower your DLP to enforce better, smarter detection and protection of your most critical data.

Want to learn more? Set up a 1:1 with one of our data security experts today and we’ll show you BigID’s unmatched data labeling capabilities strengthen and protect against unwanted exposure across email apps and beyond.