BigID is participating in Snowflake’s Governance Accelerated Program with an app that allows Snowflake customers to know their data in Snowflake by adding context, identifying sensitive data, and controlling who has access to it.

Snowflake customers need to know what data in their Snowflake Data Cloud is personal and sensitive to ensure that it is protected and used appropriately. BigID delivers insight with automated scanning to identify and tag data objects in Snowflake to know what the data is, classify sensitive information, and enable masking in Snowflake to protect the data. Customers benefit from BigID’s Data Access App for Snowflake by reducing data risk, improving the security of sensitive data, and achieving continuous compliance.

“The Snowflake Governance Accelerated Program promotes integrated partner solutions like BigID to know, control, and unlock data in the Snowflake Data Cloud,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “BigID’s Data Access Application for Snowflake enables automated discovery, classification, and sensitive data masking. Partnering with BigID is a natural fit, given their industry-leading capabilities across discovery and classification.”

Earlier this year, BigID Introduced Native Data Access and Masking Control for Snowflake. The solution applies BigID discovery, classification, and privacy features with Snowflake’s native governance features to provide data context and masking in Snowflake.

The BigID Data Access App for Snowflake now has new capabilities for Snowflake’s Data Governance Accelerated Program. With the enhanced features, BigID supports data lifecycle events in Snowflake. Starting from uploading data to the Snowflake Data Cloud, then adding context and tagging to increase data usage for analytics and sharing, and finally tagging data to sunset.

The app provides functionality in 3 categories:

  1. Know Your Data in Snowflake
  2. Tag Your Data in Snowflake with Classification and Object Tagging
  3. Protect Your Data in Snowflake with Dynamic Data Masking

Know Your Data in Snowflake

Before data ever gets to Snowflake, BigID speeds up cloud migration projects by giving customers visibility into their data to plan what data to move to their Snowflake Data Cloud. BigID scans and discovers data across the data ecosystem for an inventory so that customers can evaluate what data to migrate. Knowing what data to migrate dramatically decreases the time needed for a Snowflake Data Cloud implementation.

Customers want to use Snowflake for fast analytics and seamless data sharing, so knowing what data they have available is a critical first step. Once data is in Snowflake, BigID scans the Snowflake Cloud on an ongoing basis to know what data is in Snowflake and to monitor the cloud environment. For regular business use, customers may use BigID to scan pipelines to know the data that is being migrated to Snowflake. Customers also apply BigID to identify data in Snowflake that needs to be remediated or removed to maintain a clean and uncluttered environment.

In addition, Snowflake customers also need to know what data in their environment is sensitive and requires protection and restriction due to regulations and policies. BigID defines and applies policy tags so that Snowflake customers know if their data is affected by privacy regulations including CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, or others.

Tag Your Data in Snowflake with Classification and Object Tagging

BigID scans and uses patented machine learning to analyze and add context to data with more lenses for context. The BigID platform determines what the data is, classifies for sensitivity, and adds labels and tags for data context. The advanced integration between BigID and Snowflake enables the intelligence and insight derived in BigID to tag those objects in Snowflake. Tagging objects is also important to speed automated masking and protection.

Customers benefit from the enhanced context in their Snowflake Data Cloud by knowing what the data is, if the data is sensitive, and any other relevant tags set by the customer. The insight is helpful for customers using Snowflake for analytics and for privacy and security teams responsible for protecting company data. The insight also benefits teams using Snowflake to share data with customers, partners, and suppliers to know what data is sensitive and should not be shared.

Protect Your Data in Snowflake with Dynamic Data Masking

Snowflake customers enjoy the benefit of fast processing for analytics. These organizations want to enable their teams with self-service analytics to promote increased data usage, while also protecting company data from oversharing and misuse. BigID policy manager allows users to set data access policies that determine how to manage data that is identified as sensitive, including role-based access.

Insight and policies from BigID integrate with Snowflake’s native security and governance policies to provide dynamic data masking so that people who should be able to see the data have access, while others do not. BigID then identifies and dynamically masks sensitive PII, PHI, NPI, IP, and other sensitive and regulated data in Snowflake. The integration is automated and can keep the environment updated by tagging new objects in Snowflake and applying data masking.

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