BigID is now a part of the Snowflake Horizon partner ecosystem. With our pre-built integration with the Snowflake Data Cloud, automate data discovery and policy-driven data protection at scale to ensure sensitive data is secure and compliant. Snowflake Horizon offers a comprehensive solution within the Data Cloud, addressing challenges in data management by seamlessly integrating compliance, security, privacy, and access capabilities.

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How BigID extends Snowflake Horizon

Through its pre-existing integration with Snowflake Data Cloud, BigID leverages and builds upon Snowflake Horizon features. Here are the ways in which BigID extends the value of data management and security for each component of Snowflake Horizon:

Source: Snowflake

Achieve Compliance

Comply with data privacy and security mandates by identifying, securing, and automating compliance reporting.

Secure the Right Data

Automatically discover, classify, and secure your sensitive, personal, and regulated data using Snowflake authorization data controls such as Dynamic Data Masking and Row Access Policies. Get precise control over access to specific data rows and columns by leveraging advanced data classification and tagging.

Meet Data Privacy Mandates

Carry out protective measures around your sensitive data to comply with a range of privacy regulations including GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, and more. Automate the preparation of clean room data by applying policies on sensitive datasets to ensure proper access to PI/PII data.

Data Ecosystem Interoperability

Enrich existing software investments with data insights from BigID. Our open API platform provides interoperability with Snowflake Data Cloud and other data catalog and security vendors across the Snowflake partner ecosystem.

Access the Right Data

Enforce and manage hundreds of out-of-the-box classification, labeling, and tagging policies to pinpoint sensitive data and trigger controls for compliance. BigID enriches Snowflake’s object tagging functionality, allowing for more precise classification and handling of data objects within Snowflake.

By natively integrating with Snowflake Data Cloud, BigID enables you to tackle some of your biggest data initiatives across your organization:

The combination of BigID’s data visibility and control, along with Snowflake Horizon’s gives you a competitive edge toward modernizing data management to strengthen your data security, privacy, and compliance initiatives.

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