Today BigID announced a new Connected App at Snowflake Summit. The new application enables customers to use BigID with Snowflake to identify and mitigate data risks faster than ever before.

Customers using BigID and Snowflake can now analyze their BigID findings directly in their own Snowflake environments. BigID automatically classifies data, identifying sensitive and duplicate data across a customer’s entire data landscape to take action for data governance, security, and privacy regulations like CCPA or GDPR. BigID’s Connected App uses the speed of Snowflake Data Cloud processing to analyze BigID findings. Using Snowflake for faster security analytics on BigID metadata will surface potential weaknesses and trigger actions faster to expedite data risk mitigation.

With this app, customers can:

  • Analyze BigID findings directly in Snowflake to identify sensitive or duplicate data and proactively mitigate data risk
  • Use Snowflake fast computing and trigger dynamic data masking
  • Scan data pipelines to identify and protect sensitive data when migrating datasets for data science experiments
See BigID and Snowflake in Action

Nimrod Vax, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at BigID, commented on the new application:

“Analyzing the findings from BigID Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Governance in Snowflake gives customers a deeper understanding of their data to quickly take action to reduce risk for all data, including both structured and unstructured data. We are delighted to announce the availability of our connected app on the Snowflake Data Cloud. Joint customers can benefit from the power of BigID’s data discovery and classification combined with the speed and scale of Snowflake’s single, integrated platform to accelerate value from their security analytics.”

Snowflake is also focused on security and sees the value in the connection. Omer Singer, Snowflake Head of Cybersecurity Strategy, said, “Data security is essential, and the security data lake is the future of security operations. Customers analyzing BigID results on Snowflake can now easily combine data discovery and classification insights with logs and alerts from other security tools, resulting in more holistic and effective threat detection and response.”

Check out BigID at an event near you or schedule a demo online here to see how BigID integrates with solutions in your ecosystem for security, privacy, and data governance.