Data Catalog Critical Capabilities


ML-Augmented Data Catalog

Learn about BigID’s Modern Data Catalog, With Deeper Discovery to Enhance Any Data Ecosystem


Data Catalog Reimagined

Unified View to See Complete Metadata in a Single Pane
Data Sources
Object Names
Object Types
Clusters of Similar Data
Duplicate Data
Sensitive Information
Quick Filters
Business Glossary
Data Preview
Data Lineage
Automated Profiling
Overexposed Access
Broad Coverage to Connect to Any Data Source, in Any Format, Anywhere
Structured Databases
Unstructured Data Sources
Data Lakes & Data Warehouses
Data Pipelines
Big Data & NoSQL
Files & Docs
Mail & Messaging
Cloud & SaaS
Machine Learning for Discovery-in-Depth
Active Metadata
Context Around The Data
Actionable Insights
Automated Tagging & Labeling
Data Classification
Entity Correlation
File Clustering to Identify Duplicate and Similar Data
Entity Extraction & Resolution
Metadata Capture
Confidence Scoring
Deep Learning
Dark Data Discovery
Automatic Data Profiling
Data Quality
Rule Management
Find and Tag Any Sensitive Information, PII & PI
Discover Relationships Between Sensitive Information
Create Policy Tags
Create Rules for Data Lifecycle Management
Assign Policy Tags and Rules to Relevant Information
Audit and Take Action On Rules for Private Information
Map Data Flows for GDPR, RoPA and CCPA Data Sharing
Enhanced User Experience
Easy to Use for Multiple Personas and Business Owners
Search by Text and Filters to Find Data Assets, Sources, Policies, and More
Collaborate with Colleagues and Data Owners
Follow Data Objects for Change Alerts
Explainability to Understand How Attributes Get Confidence Scores
Data Quality Tags included in Catalog Search for Data Objects
Integration and Metadata Exchange for Seamless Data Environment
Technical Metadata to Know What Your Data Is
Inventory of Objects (tables/files)
General Properties
Data Type, Source, Name
Object Specific Properties (e.g. columns)
Data Profiling
Data Quality Metrics
Technical Lineage
Cluster Information for Similar Data
Operational Metadata to Know How Data is Used and Manage Data Lifecycle
Retention (Age/Creation Date)
Open Access
Business Metadata to Know the Business Purpose of the Data Object
Personal Information
Purpose of Use
Agreements & Consent
Mapping of Business Glossary
Extensible Platform & Open Ecosystem
Apps for Privacy, Security, and Governance
Apps by BigID and Partner Providers to Take Action on Data
Native Apps for Bi-Directional Integration
Open Ecosystem for Integration
Deep Integration with Business-Critical Solutions including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Jira, SAP
Data Retention App
Remediation App
Data Quality App
Enrich Traditional Metadata Catalogs with Deeper Insights
Integration With Any Metadata Catalog or Data Source
Metadata Connector for Alation
Metadata Connector for ASG
Metadata Connector for Collibra
Metadata Connector for Informatica EDC
Metadata connector for SAP
Metadata connector for Tableau Catalog
Small Total Cost of Ownership for Big Results
Automated Scanning by Schedule
Scale and Repeat for Data Growth
Customize Platform by Business Need
Enhanced Automation and ML to Eliminate Manual Processes
Easy User Interface to Add, Connect & Configure New Data Sources

Modern Data Catalog

Re-imagine a data catalog for today’s modern landscape with advanced ML and active metadata for deeper discovery.

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