Transform Data Security

Transform data security with ML-based classification, file analysis, and apps to reduce risk and take action

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Data Security Posture Management for the Multicloud

Accelerate DSPM: manage risk across the multicloud with a data-centric approach: automatically map, monitor, and remediate data – all in one platform.

  • Identify sensitive data
  • Highlight & remediate access
  • Map data flows
  • Remediate risk

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Remediate high-risk, sensitive, & critical data, everywhere

Enable remediation through workflows to enable the right people to take the right actions, on the right data. Annotate, delete, quarantine, and more while maintaining an audit trail.

  • Easily remediate high-risk data
  • Streamline your remediation workflows
  • Centralize auditing & reporting

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Identify & remediate high-risk data access issues

Easily find over-permissioned or over-exposed data across the environment to mitigate unauthorized use and reduce the risk of data leaks or breaches.

  • Enable & augment your zero-trust model
  • Lock down overexposed data
  • Mitigate data risk & unintended exposure

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Customizable risk scoring for your crown jewel data.

Define and monitor risk according to your sensitive or critical data environment, determine the root cause of fluctuations, and proactively remediate issues.

  • Simplify the way you measure risk
  • Gain actionable insights to proactively reduce risk
  • Track risk trends and get automatically alerted

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Determine breach impact & simplify incident response

Assess the scope of a breach due to loss, theft, or misuse, identify impacted users and determine appropriate response plans. Comply with breach reporting requirements to minimize financial, legal, and reputational impact.

  • Confidently understand the impact of a breach
  • Simplify & accelerate incident response
  • Prepare for & meet breach response requirements

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Complete data labeling for better protection & enforcement

Use ML-based classification to label data according to its sensitivity, criticality, and more. Enrich native data protection and labeling capabilities across other labeling frameworks, and set similar rules and policies.

  • Label data accurately and consistently, everywhere
  • Enrich Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) & Google Drive Labeling
  • Extend policy enforcement across your tech stack

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Shift Left

Shift left with programmatic data discovery and classification. Build your own apps, and easily operationalize and customize APIs and SDKs for Developers

  • Manage BigID programmatically
  • Scan data and more through code
  • Add custom logic & customize your system

Next Gen Data Classification

Learn how to revolutionize data discovery & data classification with a ML-based approach, designed for today’s data environment.

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