Enterprise companies have too much data to manage using manual processes. Effective data governance requires automation. The volume, variety, and velocity of enterprise data makes it impossible to manage using manual processes, so automation and machine learning are essential for effective data governance.

Collibra’s data governance solution leverages workflow functionality, often requiring manual connections to populate and manage the platform. BigID adds scalable classification, insight, and broader data source coverage to Collibra for successful data governance programs – bringing faster time to value and deeper insight.

Below are five ways that BigID accelerates the value of your Collibra investment:

    1. Automation
    2. Discovery
    3. Classification
    4. Business Glossary Enrichment
    5. Data Environment Clean Up


Automatically apply apply machine learning (ML) to realize value from Collibra faster, increasing usage and adoption

Collibra requires manual connections and maintenance that can hinder implementation and adoption.  BigID enhances Collibra speed and function to establish and maintain the environment by replacing that manual curation process with automation.

Organizations can establish and populate their Collibra platform faster and with less maintenance time by using BigID recommendations for Data Stewards to see connections and validate findings, replacing the manual processes.

  • Chief Data Officers realize the value of their Collibra investment faster with greater adoption.
  • Data Citizens benefit by searching current and complete data with context in Collibra.
  • Data Stewards gain efficiency, saving time by eliminating the manual curation process.


Scan and classify all structured and unstructured data in all formats and locations at scale to enrich Collibra

 Data users don’t know what data they have available to use. All data activities need to start with a foundation to know what data is available and where it is. Collibra provides contextual search and metadata management for structured data assets, while BigID provides automated connection to all data sources, structured and unstructured, in physical databases and in the cloud.

BigID’s Discovery-in-Depth provides deep insight using AI and ML to correlate, classify and apply cluster analysis, adding context to data for data users to browse and search in Collibra. Scanning for discovery and analysis is scheduled in BigID, enabling an automated and scalable solution to maintain a current view of the data environment.

  • Chief Data Officers gain a comprehensive view of the data landscape with sensitive data identified by type and location.
  • Data Citizens can see complete data from all data sources with deeper context to find and request the data that they need for analytics.
  • IT can manage data with additional context to know if datasets contain sensitive information, have open access, or duplicate tables.


Automatically identify and classify data, including discovery of sensitive data, to import to Collibra for a scalable governance solution

Data is rapidly changing and expanding, and privacy regulations are evolving. Data owners don’t know if data is appropriate to share and privacy officers don’t know what data they need to protect. Data Owners responsible for granting access through the Collibra marketplace need to make informed decisions about how to protect, share, and use data.

BigID provides classification and context for data owners to quickly determine if the data is appropriate for the requested use, streamlining the approval process. The scalable solution enables faster approval for data requests with a view of privacy and regulation compliance. Organizations need to know what sensitive information they have and Collibra provides insight to know who is making the request and which data is being requested, and BigID adds value identifying if the dataset has any sensitive information that needs to be protected.

  • Chief Data Officers gain an audit trail to see how data that includes sensitive information is being used and who is using it.
  • Data Owners can make faster and better decisions with confidence when granting access to use data.
  • Privacy Officers can identify what data needs to be protected and has privacy regulations for compliance.

Business Glossary Enrichment

Automatically connect Collibra glossary terms to physical data for greater efficiency and accuracy

There is a disconnect between defined business terms and the associated physical data. Collibra users invest time and knowledge to develop a Business Glossary to define business terms for a shared understanding in an organization. BigID ingests the business terms defined in Collibra and classifies data by those terms. The classification is pushed back into Collibra for data users to see the business glossary term with the associated physical data.

  • Chief Data Officers can enable their data analysts and data scientists to use data with confidence.
  • Data Citizens working in Collibra benefit from additional context matching business glossary terms with the associated data.
  • Data Stewards benefit from BigID’s automated scanning and classification to save time and avoid a manual process validating business glossary terms.

Data Environment Clean Up

Automatically identify duplicate and old data and maintain a clean data environment for a better user experience in Collibra, and reduce the risk and cost of storing excess data

Storing excess data causes cluttered environments, increases risk and increases storage costs. A clean data environment enables Data Citizens to adopt and use their Collibra investment by making it easier to find and select the data that they need. BigID automatically identifies similar data stored in different sources to know what data can be eliminated. Admins can use BigID Retention and Remediation Apps to automate policies that will remove excess data, providing a clean environment for Collibra.

  • Chief Data Officers reduce the risk of data exposure.
  • Data Citizens can find data faster and easier.
  • IT saves the cost of storing duplicate data.

Apply BigID’s automation and machine learning capabilities to enhance Collibra capabilities and accelerate data governance. Chief Data Officers will realize the value of their Collibra investment faster by adding automation and insight to their Collibra platform. Users across the enterprise from Data Citizens, Data Stewards, IT, and Data Owners will benefit from the additional context and eliminating manual processes.

Together, BigID’s Discovery-in-Depth and automation capabilities add scalable classification, insight, and broader data source coverage to Collibra’s search and workflows for data governance programs with faster time to value and deeper insight. Critical roles from Executives to IT to Business Users benefit from the integration using BigID with Collibra.

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