Implementing a holistic data security, governance, and risk management program can be complex and challenging; being able to address your most significant data initiatives in short order is even more difficult. On top of all of this, navigating the evolving landscape of regulations, cyber threats, and technologies can be overwhelming to keep up with.

See BigID in Action

A Comprehensive Approach to Managing and Safeguarding Your Data

BigID has strategically partnered with Cloudrise to help you deliver on your data security, governance, and risk management initiatives. We’ve united forces to provide you with comprehensive visibility, control, and expert guidance to kickstart your BigID journey toward a secure and compliant data environment.

Together, we’re helping organizations manage and enforce the right measures and controls around their most important data to improve security posture, streamline remediation, ensure compliance, shrink your attack surface, and ultimately reduce data risk.

“BigID provides organizations with a scalable, efficient, and secure way to manage data throughout its lifecycle,” said Jon Mayer, VP of Business Development & Partnerships at BigID.

Our partnership with Cloudrise is a great step in providing our joint customers with the tools they need to proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their data in a single platform.

– Jon Mayer, VP of Business Development & Partnerships, BigID

What This Means for Organizations

  • Kickstart Your BigID Journey: Quickly implement, deploy, and take action to address critical security, governance, and risk management objectives.
  • Know Your Data with Context: Leverage advanced ML and NLP-based classification to achieve unparalleled accuracy and scalability in data classification.
  • Discover Your Data: Scan and identify sensitive data across all types and sources, from unstructured and structured data to mainframes, cloud platforms, and beyond.
  • Proactively Improve Data Security Posture: Adopt a data-centric, risk-aware strategy to enhance security posture and compliance, minimize attack surfaces, and reduce risks by identifying and prioritizing data vulnerabilities.
  • Become Cybersecurity Compliant: Achieve compliance by applying controls on sensitive data, enforcing policies for NIST, CISA, and PCI compliance, and streamlining retention and deletion according to regulatory requirements.
  • Leverage A World-Class Security Team: Gain access and insights from cyber security experts across various security disciplines, areas, and categories to advance data-centric initiatives and security technologies.
  • Optimize & Enrich Your Tech Stack: Extend protection throughout the data lifecycle by engaging Cloudrise to create a comprehensive program that incorporates BigID, Security Service Edge (SSE) and cloud security solutions.

We’re excited to apply our proven services methodology to a world-class technology in BigID. This partnership represents a commitment to empowering our clients with unparalleled data privacy and security solutions.

– Joe Infantino, Chief Operating Officer, Cloudrise

Your Next Step

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