Correlation & Graph Technology

Automatically identify variations of highly sensitive, highly restricted, and uniquely identifiable data – accurately, at scale, and across your entire data landscape.

Add Context to Classification

BigID’s graph technology adds context to classification, surfacing relationships between data points and correlating related data. Build identity and entity profiles, associate whose data it is, and visualize how data is interconnected across data sources.

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Automatically find highly regulated and restricted data

Combine graph technology, correlation, ML insight, and automation to uncover more types of highly restricted, regulated, and sensitive data including unique IDs, customer identifiers, PCI, Social Security Numbers, health data, and more.

Improve Accuracy

Get fewer false positives and discover more data more accurately with ML graph technology – reduce manual overhead, and improve results. Match similar and connected data based on relevancy for deep data insight across all types of data, everywhere, at scale.

Uncover Data Relationships

See all of your interconnected data attributes across data sources in one place. Find relationships between data points and infer new personal & sensitive data attributes – all in one place.

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